Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I will have to admit, not chiming in the New Year like I thought I would with my kids but it did turn out for good.
After dinner together we had milk shakes, which is more then a rarity in our house(: We were having fun, then off to watch a movie together(:
Sounds good so far(:
Well, as bed time comes closer and others getting a little bored the "real" fun begins... The twins, at least one whom I will not name knocked all my laundry onto the floor(5 or so loads that had not made there way upstairs yet) which got the ball going. Then the yelling and screaming began oh the fun is now going(and not starting with me( one can hear me so I add to the yelling ( may I mention not a good choice of action which I knew better) OK I wont get into it all but there was wailing, yelling, up sets all around even a punch here and not done by Happy New Year right(:
After I got everyone calmed down including myself I talked to the children first one at a time, shared my feelings and helped see the difference of our choices and we feel in what situations and how we can control ourselves in those situations. Feeling not like the worlds best mom during all the crazies I was hoping I was at least lower on that top 100 worlds morst mom list then near the top.
So then we all head in for family prayer and calmness....I hug and kiss the kids and of course tell them as I do a lot that I love them and the beautiful music of hearing " I love you mommy" from the point of hugs and kisses to walking down the hall(: makes the rest almost go away. Lessons learned by all of us tonight.
Did I mention a lot of the emotions tonight that were shared other then feeling bad about all that happened was, even though knowing daddy will be hopefully home by next weekend, with it being the dawn of a New Year the kids (and I) are missing their daddy sooooooo much. Lots of hugs and kisses and music helped them go to bed(:
I do need to add. Adam my sweet little man, came running down the stairs after all were in bed and handed me a card he made. on one side it said To: mom From: Adam. On the other side he wrote a poem, Roses are red, Violets are blue, all that matters, Is I love you(: Then he had drawn a family picture with all of our names with each person drawn(: I soooooo needed that tonight. Made my night. Another set of hugs and kisses and then he was back to bed(:
A roller coaster of emotions tonight. Maybe I shouldn't post this here but then again, why not. A night in the life of our family. The good the bad and the ugly. Yes we say and do things we regret and hopefully learn from. Boy am I no exception to that. But I can say I love my family so very much and would do anything for my family. They are my life, my world, and I am so grateful for them. I may teach some things and hopefully good things but I learn so much more from our precious children(:
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, for my Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful for my many blessings. I am grateful for this new year ahead of us and the wonders it holds(:
I hope and pray you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year(:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Then and Now

OK, I know mom I havent written on the BLOG one pound a week. Well not including the holidays I am going to do something I would normally dread...ok I still do but truth be told(: Last Christmas I was still carrying a lot of the twin baby weight. I knew I was a big cough cough I mean "healthy" girl I just didnt realize how much till last Christmas formal picture for Josh's Christmas ball at work. Well here is my before picture...yes I am still beautiful I know(: so I am told(:

doesnt my man look HOT(:

Ok the next one isnt my most up to date but it gets the point across. If it looks a little blury or off my little photographer did his best(: Thank you Adam(:
Down from Jan 1 2009 to now almost Jan 1 2010 give or take a few(: but my average for now is down about 45 pounds(: Not where I want to be but a good year none the less. I will continue this goal of one pound a week till I reach my goal. Yes I have had some pretty bad months hense I havent quite reached my goal but I am still doing it. The only reason this would all change for next year is if I had a "reason" to be putting weight on and then I have other goals for that(: hehehehe
SO here we go...drum roll please...ddddddrrrrrrddddddrrrrrrrrr ok you get the idea(:
ok here is the newer me and more to go (: This one is from Sept 09

This one is Dec 09 but in a sweater(:

So there you have it(:
There will be more updates coming soon(: Christmas lights, special visitors, and of course in the New Year daddy home for 2 weeks(: SO come again and there will be more...I promise(:
Until then have a super duper wonderful day(:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas(:

Merry Christmas everyone(:
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and rememebring the true meaning of this time of year(: I am truely greatful for the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ and for the life He lived and His death and Atonement so that I can be forgiven and return to live with Him again.
I am truely greatful for my many blessings, for life, health, and of coures above those my family. I look forward to two weeks from now when my wonderful husband, the father of our amazing children, our soldier and hero will be home for two weeks before he returns to Iraq to finish his deployment. It will be a wonderful cherished time in our lives. I will say a deployments makes you rethink some aspects of your life as well as the realities of life.
I promise during that time when Josh is home I will maybe not catch up from everything but I will catch up on some things plus pictures and pictures. SOme from here in Texas as well as some that I will hopefully get from Iraq(: Should be some great ones (: hehehehe
While Josh is home we are praying it will be before the 10th so Adam can be baptized on his birthday(: what a way to start a family vacation(: Then we will be away for a couple of days to an indoor water park in a hotel(: oh the fun, can you see it now(: The following weekend (Jan 17th) we plan on having our family Christmas. Yes we are waiting till Josh is home. The kids did get one gift from mom and dad(us) and one each from Santa. Thank you Santa(: (you know who you are(:hehehehe the kids loved the gifts(: Then just some family stuff, hiking, movies, catching up time, going to the Temple(: cant wait.
SO until then I/we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year(:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh No Mommy(:

OK more of an embarrassment to myself but way too funny not to add to the BLOG since I add so many other things. While having our Friday family movie night, the twins ventured upstairs so I went after them. Well Seth and Emma followed behind me. Well I needed to get something out of my room which turned into 4 of our 5 kids in there too getting into whatever they magically can in the few minutes we were in there, longer cause I then couldn't get them out(: hehehe...OK so here it is...I keep the laundry baskets of clean clothes in our room when I don't get them all put away right away( for the twins are great at dumping them over and over again onto the floor) as I never seem to have enough time to wash fold and put away in the same day...OK besides the point but to explain why there was a basket of clothes in my room. OK so Michael throws something across the room as I hear Seth yell, " oh no mommy one of your boobie thingies" Oh my goodness I couldn't stop laughing, and then laughed even harder as I look up at 4 little faces looking back at me not understanding just how funny that was. I can still see it all happening in my mind in slow motion. Well I hope it put a smile on your face as it did mine(:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OK when is it enough?

Had to put another one of these in. I have so many people who of course "mean well" say you only have the twins home it must be so much easier.....sure much take two 2 year old boys who have enough energy to run a huge inferno that feeds off each other and then some (something that uses a lot of energy for a long time) let it loose and try to keep up with it, them... I was busy for only a few minutes and this is the result...which I will add took me almost an hours to clean up off the floor, wall, stove, fridge and then some(: SO much easier.....The proof...and I will add I don't just take the pictures to show evidence but to also calm me down before I do something to my sweet boys(: Did I mention it was over a dozen eggs, apples, oranges, lemons, and whatever else they can throw from the fridge before I can get to them....The pictures don't show the real damage but you get the idea(: Maybe(:

No pictures but today Mama Smith would love the smell of our house...after cleaning and washing the floors a few times it still smells like raspberry walnut salad dressing in our kitchen...yup a whole bottle and no where near a salad(: hehehehehe gotta laugh right or I might pop a vein or something....breath, breath, it will be OK, breath, this too shall pass......right(: Now I know I have made at least one persons day or maybe week(: I have been told that when this person has a bad day they pull up our blog, have a great laugh and then they don't feel so bad....laughter is the best medicine they say, so I guess we are good for someones health, maybe yours too(:

WOW October is here!

Where did the time go. I cant believe it is already October(: Well I loved General Conference from what I got to see and hear of it. What I did get there was a lot about love and family, missionary work, personal guidance and inspiration, being more and doing more then just what is expected of us, and of course so much more. I took notes and I cant wait to get the Ensign so I can further read and ponder and learn(:
Well, I did it. What you ask. Well Josh had wanted me to wait till he got home for R&R to cut Michael's and Matthew' long golden was sad when you can put their hair in pony tails...not to mention all the food those boys slick their hair with .... too gross, so after explaining to my wonderful husband with still so much time before he comes home for his little visit the boys hair needs to be cut.....well.....they don't look like little stinkers anymore, but like the big stinkers they have become(: Be nice, when it grows back some Josh will be cutting it like he likes it, high and tight with some on top....I had only 30-45 seconds each if I was lucky so I think I did a pretty good job.....remember they have very blond hair so there is some there(:

And of course all the boys now have the same hair was a little late so the twins were getting grouchy but you can sure tell they are all related(:

The Smith boys, "The Next Generation"

September update(:

A little late but better then never right(: Ok, here it is........I chopped off my hair(: And I love I will add some splash of color (: What do you think? (:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

what happends when you are busy

Oh the question I keep getting, Isnt easier now that you only have the twins home? I guess whomever is asking dont hace twins(: cause they keep me so busy. They feed off each other for teh good the bad and the ugly. This is what happends when you are trying to help a friend or two and catching up with them on the phone for a few minutes. The pictures dont do it justice, but here they are(: OH and I found out cause they were playing so great together laughing and having so much fun I decided to see what they were doing....they had cut open a bag, a big bag of shredded cheese and laughing at it fly in the air as they hit the couch, and of course with their help all over the downstairs...oh it was so much fun to clean up...from everywhere high and low... oh I love my twins and they are definately teaching me something...

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Do we remember(: May we always remember those who have died and sacrificed and still sacrifice for our freedom. I just wanted to share a message from my friend. I couldnt have said some better myself.

May God bless you and your loved ones always. (it refers to a song, for some reason I couldnt get it to download. I will try again later)

In remembrance of 9/11 and the events that have changed and shaped our lives. I would like to share with you (again for some of the song that was written for a very special person who has touched my family's life.

During the last deployment OIF 06-08 2-8 Cav went through several losses. Almost from the beginning they were hit hard and the sorrows of losing their friends weighed heavy on us all. I share this song to honor all those at home and abroad who are making these sacrifces and carrying these trials that we seem to be called upon to carry more often than we may have expected.

It is a song about loss and love. The love of Brothers in Arms. I remember one Sunday, coming home from Church a few years ago and seeing a message from my husband. It said, "Honey, I need to talk, I lost my friend today." It was several weeks before he was able to tell me what had happened, but when he did, the two lines that have stuck in my mind since were...."I kissed his forehead and said I love you brother." and..."I held him in my arms and prayed over him all the way back to the FOB." It testified to me of the strength of their friendships and love. I imagine a friendship that will go on through the eternities.

It is a song written for a time when there were no words to express the feelings that consumed the mind, but it is also a song that reflects the comfort of others who have been reaching out to salute us and especially our soldiers. It is the comfort of our family, friends and each other that have helped us get through so many tough and lonely times.

I am so grateful for this deployment, that is has been more peaceful and quiet. I am grateful for the prayers of others who have prayed for us when we did not know of them. I can feel the strength of those who care. I cannot tell you how often I have walked into a store and someone says thank you. My favorite memory was walking into Walmart in Ft. Worth on the day I had to take my husband back from R&R and he was in uniform and we had our six kids in tow. This older gentleman walks straight up to us and gives my husband a firm handshake and says thank you. He handed my children some cash. We tried to decline but he insisted, stating, "I am a Vietnam Vet. I know the struggles that you face. Your husband sacrifices for this country, but these children have made a great sacrifice also. I am grateful to them and want to thank them. So go let them buy something they will enjoy." He than began to tell us the story of his group that was under fire in Vietnam. They were surrounded and had no way to get out. He mentioned the name of the company that came to their rescue. He expressed his feelings for those who had saved thier lives so long ago. We said our goodbyes and continued on our way, only to come across another man who walked up to us and said his Thank Yous. He than told us of his time in Vietnam and how he had been with this group that had been called in to rescue another. To our astonishment, he had been in the goup that had rescued the other man. We pointed out the other gentleman whom we had just talked to and watched as these two men met and began talking of times long ago. Two strangers meeting for the first time and talking like old friends. It was another testament of the love that develops between our soldiers. It also showed me that there are many who honor and pray for us.

So in memory of those who have given thier all and in honor of a 2-8 CAV Echo Company Gunner who lost his life in Iraq in OIF 06-08, I share this with everyone to give them what gift I can give. I pray that this month goes well for everyone.

With all my love,

Karyl Chase

Friday, August 28, 2009

what a morning...what next?

X 4

Like I said, what a morning, what next? I really dont want to know the answer to that one. Today a friend and I decided to put our twins (she has twin boys too just 4 months older then ours) into hourly childcare and treat ourselves with a break to the gym(: For some there are better ways to treat yourself but this was ours(: Well after dropping off our kiddos, we decided to ditch my van at another friends house around the corner from childcare and go in one van(: safe right(: Well, as we were driving back about 2 hours later my friends phone rings....."yes she's here beside me why? oh, ok, I will tell her. We are almost there now" What? I demand as her face changes during the conversation.......well long story short, or shorter anyways, my friend where I left my van saw my van, didnt see me or the twins, and got worried. Tried my cell phone, which had been off in my bag while working out(: OOOOppppps. started freaking out and called the MP's (cops)(military Police) SO when we pulled around the corner there were not 2, not 3, but 4 including one with speakers on top of his SUV, cop cars outside her house.....needless to say they were informed I was ok and my kids too....but I sure as darn waited till they all pulled away before I went back into her house...only to be greated by 3 not so happy, worried friends who threatened me if ever I did that again they would kill me(: Oh I feel so loved(: SO now if I decide to make it to a real gym I have somewhere to take my kiddos and it isnt childcare(: Just thought someone might think this funny....It took me a bit to myself but thats cause it happened to me....All cause I wanted to go to a real gym to workout(: Thank you freinds who love me enough to watch my back(: I will be there to cover yours too....cause that's what we do(:

Have a super duper day(:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hugs anyone(:

ok I forgot to share this the other day but better late then never, right(: The other day while I was out with the kids at the zoo, struggling to keep it together and such as over an hour had already gone by in the over 100 degree weather(: and the kids having tons of fun...a dear sweet lady with one child in toe came out of no where and gave me a great big hug and said "God bless you" and then walked away. We kept seeing her as we were still going through the zoo. Oh I had hear it all believe me but that was my first stranger hug(: Just thought I would share that interesting event(: So next time you see a mom struggling with her kids, instead of thinking or making some kind of comment, try giving her a hug and be more understanding(: I garentee it will change her day(:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school and first day of school

Today was the first day back to school for Adam and Emma and Seth's first day of school all together. Adam is now in 2nd, Emma is in 1st and Seth is now in pre K. It is amazing how time flies by. It has been prety crazy but hey you just go with the flow right(: Now just getting all the kids to a new schedule is the fun part(: especially with the twins. Hope you are all doing great.

They all had a great day(:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last update for now(:

Ok I know feast or famine(: 3 blogs in one night(: Well this one is only a intro to my next blog. See I didnt forget about Josh's big 30 birthday. While he has been gone I have been plotting and planning a surprize birthday party for him down range in Iraq(: Well it was a hit and yes my dear wonderful husband had no idea(: I though he was going to kill me when it all came down but he loves me too much and had a great day(: Well because all of the pictures are in Iraq and well electronics are so reliable.....yeah right ....down there it seems like it is going to be a little while before I can give all the fun details and proof of what went by then I will do a time warp back to Josh's birthday(:
SO until then......have a super duper day and enjoy the other pictures of the family(:

More updates(:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA(: Emma is now 6 years old(: She had a lot of fun. We just did dinner and cake and presents at a frineds house as there has been sooooo much going on(: She had fun and so did we all. Later in the week we went to the Cameron Zoo to extend her birthday out.

These were handmade barbie clothes from a family in the ward.
Now for the Zoo(:
The whole gang sitting with the Kumodo Dragon.
The Orangatang. A new exhibit at the zoo. The kids had fun watching him go all over the place. This was the clearest picture I got.
Adam writing down all the animals we saw at the zoo to send to daddy(: while Emma and Seth check on the map where we are and where we are going next(:
Here Michael (in yellow) and Matthew(in blue) look on at the big giraffes.

Time to catch up

Before I do some catching up I owe you a picture of a broken window. It didnt turn out so good but you get the idea(:

I am going to catch up on some information and family pictures(:
Here is Josh and part of his legal team. Isnt he so handsome(:

In August we had some special visitors pass through to their new home...well where they were moving too not so much a home yet(: Mom, dad, and Hyrum came for a quick visit. it was a wonderful surprise for the kiddos(:
The kids had a blast(: Too bad we all live so far away, but it was wonderful to visit(:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Take nothing for granted

I know I need to update the blog but I am going to make a comment tonight anyways.
Never take anything for granted. Especially the ones you love so dear. I just got off the computer with the man of me dreams and reality and before he had to go to work in Iraq (we were on was actually working tonight(: ) we were blessed to pray together. It just moved me sooo much. My heart is over flowing. Even though we are so far apart we are blessed to be able to pray together. Mind you this is our second time to be able to do this. I am truly greatful for the gospel in my/our lives and the eternal blessings we share together. Yes I miss him so much it hurts but I also know the Lord has a much bigger plan than we know and it is His work, and in His time that all things come to pass. For which I am truely greatful. May the Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones and rememeber dont ever take them or each day for granted(:

(picture taken April 2009)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh what a day(:

OK I only have a few minutes as usual, I know surprise surprise as I am sooo far behind on our BLOG(: Oh what fun it has been(: We have been busy playing and trying to stay out of trouble but that doest always work so well. Sorry to say I didn't take any pictures as safety was my first issue but I will get some later...I know not as good as right away but here is why. Who would have ever thought a sippy cup could be used as a projectile object???? OK OK I get it(: Well in completely frustration, I guess I wasn't there when it first happened, my dear sweet Matthew threw his sippy cup. Nothing unusual right? Well this time it was. Again sorry no pictures...yet. With such aim, and talent Matthew broke one of our living room windows(: Oh the joys never end(: SO I call to get it fixed and they wont be here till Tuesday afternoon to fix is military housing we will see if they actually fix it or just do a better cardboard taping job then I have done. I will add pictures later. I did such a great job I might send it to Josh(: hehehehehe OK a clue to that comment. The only tape I could find was my priority packing tape that I use for Josh's gift packages we send him over seas(: Oh I feel so safe right now in my I am waiting for the lightning to hit on that one(:
Oh well. I need to run for now but that is it for now. I need to do better to keep this site updated with so much always going on. Emma's birthday is on Monday and Josh's on Tuesday. More pictures in the near future(:
Gotta run for now it is now a new day and I need to get some sleep before the sun comes up and I missed my chance(:

Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July in Iraq (on the 6th of July)

A few pictures of the 4th of July (taken on the 6th of July)

Primary & Special Staff - I am third from end (at the tail end of the Chinook)

Primary & Special Staff with Brigade Commander - I am second from end on the Blackhawk side (if you can tell the difference between a Blackhawk and an Apache)

My legal office - I am in the center wearing the Stetson
My trial counsel on my right and my NCOIC on my left with my paralegals forming the wings

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ok July's update to this point(:

Here we go again. I know Josh left some pictures and they are great(: Go Josh(: Her are some more from the home front here in Texas. We went to a freinds house for the Fourth of July and had some fun, ate food, of course and saw some fireworks. It was truely a day to be grateful for our Freedom as we know it dosent come Free.

For a fun day we all went to a place called Wazoo. It is an indoor jumping place for the kids. There is also a little kids area with other cool toys to play with. They had a blast.
(Matthew-motorcycle, Michael-trees)
The kids and I are having a busy summer. For those who dont know I have gone back to school part time. I have my first finals this upcoming week...eeeeekkkkk. Breath, breath, it's not like labour(: Ok I am a little nervous. But it has been another growth experience that is for sure. Not like I am not busy enough holding down the fort with the five wild child(s).
Speaking of school. I will have three in school this August. Wow how the time flies. Adam will be going into grade 2, Emma grade 1, and Seth-man into Pre-K. I will keep you all posted(:
Did I ever mention how badly Emma wants a sister? Here is why I ask(:
But as for now it is time I must get going. Till next time I leave the feast after the famine(:

It has been a while

Ok I will be playing catch up here so please bare with me(:

So now time warping to June lets see some of the fun the Smith's had(: Oh fun kite flying(: all the kids had their own little kite and it was a perfect day to fly them as long as they weren't caught in a tree, like Emmas, or tangled around the playground(: it was a lot of fun that day.
Seth Matthew Emma, Seth, Adam
Later in the month the kiddos recieved comfort quilts from the Armed Forces YMCA. Our unit is the first ones to start that here at Fort Hood and I volunteer there when I can. Here are a few pictures from there too(: I call these quilts "daddy quilts" (: The kids love them.

Adam, Seth Emma Michael(bottom) Matthew(top)
I also have some pictures of Michael and Matthew going potty for the first time(: No this does not mean they are potty training even though it would be great it just means they got it in the right spot and not on the floor(:
We have been trying to keep pretty busy here in Texas, or as much as you can when it is so hot your pool feels like a bathtub.
The kids are growing so fast and time is going by. Some days not so fast but still going by(:
Gonna close there but Continue July in just a minute....I hope you enjoy the updates(: