Monday, December 28, 2009

Then and Now

OK, I know mom I havent written on the BLOG one pound a week. Well not including the holidays I am going to do something I would normally dread...ok I still do but truth be told(: Last Christmas I was still carrying a lot of the twin baby weight. I knew I was a big cough cough I mean "healthy" girl I just didnt realize how much till last Christmas formal picture for Josh's Christmas ball at work. Well here is my before picture...yes I am still beautiful I know(: so I am told(:

doesnt my man look HOT(:

Ok the next one isnt my most up to date but it gets the point across. If it looks a little blury or off my little photographer did his best(: Thank you Adam(:
Down from Jan 1 2009 to now almost Jan 1 2010 give or take a few(: but my average for now is down about 45 pounds(: Not where I want to be but a good year none the less. I will continue this goal of one pound a week till I reach my goal. Yes I have had some pretty bad months hense I havent quite reached my goal but I am still doing it. The only reason this would all change for next year is if I had a "reason" to be putting weight on and then I have other goals for that(: hehehehe
SO here we go...drum roll please...ddddddrrrrrrddddddrrrrrrrrr ok you get the idea(:
ok here is the newer me and more to go (: This one is from Sept 09

This one is Dec 09 but in a sweater(:

So there you have it(:
There will be more updates coming soon(: Christmas lights, special visitors, and of course in the New Year daddy home for 2 weeks(: SO come again and there will be more...I promise(:
Until then have a super duper wonderful day(:


Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

You look hot Holly! I LOVE your hair cute. Watch out Josh! =)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Way to go girl! You look great! Congrats in your accomplishment!

Mama Smith said...

LOVE IT, Holly!!!!! It is real motivation for me....but, I have a different MIND SET. Abe, also, lost 60 pounds this year!!!! Looks FABULOUS, also...Way to go SMITH FAMILY!!!! (smile) Next year...I, too, will post BEFORE and AFTER pictures...but, what I will not be able to take pictures of...will a "changed heart"...(smile) LOVE YOU...HOLLY!!!!

Angel Day said...

you look so HOT...Josh will be all over you!!! Congratulations on your hard work!