Saturday, December 4, 2010

Orlando Science Center with Jenny and Dave and kids(:

Ok part 2.

Again we have so many pictures I will pick a few for your enjoyment. It was great being blessed to spend time with Jenny, Dave, Sammie, and Rachel. It is one this to see and meet family members via pictures and skype, and totally another to be able to be face to face(:
We had a lot of fun.
Josh and Michael Emma Seth Matthew Adam Jenny, Rachel, Dave and Sammie
Jenny, Rachel, and Sammie Adam and Emma ( Mad scientists(: )
We also got to see the alligaters being fed which was pretty neat to see and a show the kids and everyone loved called KABOOM.... Balloons with different substances in them and then lit with fire. Each one made a different color and bang(: it was a lot of fun.
I have been having problems with my camera...go figure, right(: but here are some more pics from Thanksgiving and such(: Our other family.
Emma and dad Shepherd Renee, the hostess with the mostess(: no really there was so much yummy food. She is amazing
AJ, AJ I guess he didnt hear me(; The gang. Brenda and Marvin at the back
Mom Shepherd (the magic behind a lot of the food too)and little Sheppy(Shepherd)
and we cant forget the newlyweds Annie and Abe(:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in Florida and Abe and Annie(:

Last week was a tornado of business. We cleaned and packed for our trip to Florida to have Thanksgiving with the Shepherd's and see Abe and Annie (the newlyweds(: ) Wow what a drive and short fast trip. We left Wed after Josh got home from work and got to Florida Thursday . It was so wonderful to see family and friends again. It has been a long time(:

Thanksgiving was yummy as always(: and the kids even took a dive in AJ and Renee's pool.

On Friday we went to Sea World and spent a good part of the day with Abe and Annie(: It was a full fun day. What a great time.
On Sat we spent part of the day with Jenny, Dave, Sammie and Rachel at the Orlando science center. Later that night was Abe and Annie's reception/open house. Again it was so great to see some dear friends. After our dear angels got into trouble we left and started back for home Sat night and got home Sunday. Wow it was a fun filled and busy trip. SO worth it(:
I wish we could have stayed longer but unfortunately that wasn't meant to be.
Here are some pictures from our adventures....enjoy(:
at the stingray tank Adam taking a closer look

Now for the dolphins now for some rides(: awe refreshing...
the gang watching the sea lions
There were so many pictures it is hard to just pick some of them....her are a few more(: I like this one. Abe and Annie getting a feel of to speak. I asked them how is it they have the kids and Josh doesn't(: hehehe Adam was with me as I waddled behind(: The kids we glued to the Uncle and their new Aunt(: It was too cute really.
Now off to the Shamu show(: We sat in the soak zone and that we clothes were dripping all afternoon. As soon as I started to dry it down poured before we could get to the van(: hehehe what a great day.
mama and her baby(: special moment to be apart of(:
More in the kid area(: and might I say they ALL had fun(: Josh and the gang(: Seth, Adam , Emma, Matthew, Daddy, and Michael(:
I will end for now with the happy couple(:
I will need to do the pictures from the Science Center be continued(:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Creation Calls -- are you listening? Music by Brian Doerksen

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Military Homecomings

Military Homecomings
Yes there is a theme with these videos. May we never forget the cost of our freedom and those who sacrifice for it from those who fight and those who support(:
Josh you are my hero and our kids hero too(:
This brings back all of the emotions of when you came home like it was yesturday.

I Fought for You

I Fought for You

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween and more(:

Ok as promised here are some pictures of the kids at the trunk or treat we went to Oct 30th for Halloween........BOO! They had so much fun(:

The whole Smith gang Adam Emma Seth
Micheal and Matthew (double trouble-literally(: )

These guys went as Bugs Bunny and company(:
On a side note away from Halloween, Emma and Seth wanted to share their creations they did one morning, and here they are......

Gotta love lego(: Great job Seth and Emma(: Keep up the great work.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yeah Josh felt the baby(:

Yeah, last night Josh felt the baby move(: we were both so excited(: it is finally happening where the rest of the family are starting to feel the little guy bounce and kick around(: Pregnant with baby number six and it all is just so amazing to me. Everything about the miracle of having a baby is so fascinating. Feeling the baby move, know I am growing bigger as he grows to give him space and know that a little human is inside my body thriving and growing and one day soon will leave my body to live and grow is such a miracle. Thank you Heavenly Father(:

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Miracle Happend(:

That is right folks. On Sunday Adam felt the baby move...well hit really hard. No one has since then but I can now say someone has felt him other then me(: It is a start and I will take it(:

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about sharing Halloween pictures. I will do that later..hopefully by the end of the week(: The kids were way cute..most of the time(: Until then....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet our triplets(:

Yes you read that right folks we have triplets(: and they are sooooo cute. On Monday while Josh was mowing the lawn he went over a nest of baby bunnies. Don't worry they were fine. We are feeding them with a dropper and pray they will grow healthy and strong. This morning they gave us a little scare. Josh quietly went in to see how they were doing and they were gone.... we have them in a towel lined laundry basket in our bathroom(: hehehe so here we are looking around for 3 little bunnies. We finally found them hiding by my dresser and one in my high heeled shoe (we think that one is a girl) hehehe All accounted for and safely back in the basket now with a lid(: We are going to get a cage for them. Here are a couple of pictures for now and we will add more later. The kids are so excited to finally have pets(: hehehe too cute!

1 2 3 all 3 little ones
SO to fit our growing family we have also had to add a bigger ride. Meet our MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle) Josh sold his little truck and now drives the mini van and I get the monster van(: Now there is a lot less fighting as the kids have a little more wiggle room(: Thank you(: So we now have room for when the baby comes next year.
SO much is going on in our lives and that includes all of the wonderful blessings the Lord constantly sends our way. Thank you Heavenly Father for everything.
May you all have a blessed day(:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh my insides must already be bruised

Boy it is such a huge surprise to me that no one else can feel this brute like I do. Oh my goodness I feel like my insides are already bruised and he is no where near the size he will be by the time he enters this world. He is not only a mover and shaker but a fighter too(: wow how did I forget how much having your insides used as boxing apparatus was just a tad painful and uncomfortable(: and the fun is just beginning....
I will say though how cute it is as the kids talk to me belly more and when they give me hugs their heads rest around my middle. Emma talks to the baby all the time and after kissing me goodnight and hugs are shared, as I stand up she holds my tummy to say goodnight to the baby.(:SO sweet. I know they are all excited to feel his banging around in there as I am too(: I will let you know the time that little miracle happens(:
What a wonderful miracle. Baby number 6 and I am still in awe and amazed at the miracle of babies(: What a joy, a blessing and of course learning experience(:
Enjoy all of your blessings(: Off to go take care of mine as they all of a sudden realize I am not meeting their instant demands(:
Have a super duper day!

But arent they so cute(: Yes I am pretty partial but what can I say(:

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well these days no one really seems to feel this extremely active boy growing inside...Emma thinks she does but Josh doesnt seem to so who knows for right now. All I know is OUCH and it will only get stronger and more painful(: atleast I know he is growing just fine and very active. Just like the rest(: I found these comics and wanted to share them. Enjoy(:
This one I retitled what our house looks like

need I say more(: He is Josh's son(:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well I have kept you long enough in suspense and totally forgot to get back here till now(:
We are having a BOY(: We are all very excited(: He is measuring big which I am not surprised as we are prone to have big babies anyways(: so why stop now, right. The lady who did the ultra sound must think I am a nut with all my ooohhhhing and awing you would think I was a fisrt time mom. I think it helped that all the kids got to be in there to hear the heart beat and see that we were wrong in thinking we were having a girl and seeing that he was defiantly a boy(: I was nervous for Emma but she was just as happy as all the boys(: I guess we are meant to always be out numbered(:
We will keep you posted on anything we find out along the way(:
The other news I wanted to update on was about Emma. We still haven't heard back in regards to her surgery which will be happening we just don't know when. i will post when we finally find out, which I had hoped would be by now. Oh the joys of waiting(:
So needless to say we are all happy, healthy, and keeping very busy. Not too mention I feel like a huge house(: Oh the blessings of being pregnant(: Everyone thinks you can eat whatever you want and as much of it...I may look like it but oh so not so, Everything gives me such heart burn and not too such is extremely appealing....maybe if I could enjoy it more(:
Oh well, it is sooooo worth it.
Till next time.........(: God Bless(:

PS. I posted a clip from the church at the bottom of out Blog page. Please take a look. it made me cry, but really it doesnt take much these days to do that(: Parenting is the toughest but most worth it job there is(:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wow time flies(:

Wow I cant believe we are at the door of October already(:
Well just some updates in our growing family. The kids are all keeping busy with homeschool. Yes that is right we are venturing down that path and hope to make it a lot smoother then it is at times now but we feel this is the path the Lord has put us on. Adam is doing grade 3-6 in his schooling, Emma is doing grades 2-3, Seth is doing grades K-1, and Michael and Matthew are having fun learning and exploring, not to mention Dora and Diego(:
Josh is very busy holding down 2 positions at work for now until after the November rotation then down to one which will be very nice to have him around hopefully a little more then we do now(:
As for me I am just trying to keep sane if that is even what you call it and keep up with everyone and all that is going on in our family and lives. Not to mention being so tired all the time with my ever growing body and baby(: I am 18.5 weeks right now and I have been feeling the baby for about 2 weeks now. More now of course then before. It is so amazing to feel this little miracle move around inside me, and I know it will only be more and more ahead(: I cant wait till the rest of the family can feel the baby move. It is so sweet when the kids walk past me and stop to hug me and say "Hi baby" Melts my heart(:
Other then all of the crazies going on life is truly a blessing. I am so grateful for all that the Lord blesses us with. And yes that includes the challenges and trials too (did I just say that out loud) I must be crazy(: I am grateful for our wonderful family and for all of the opportunities we have to learn and grow. Life is an adventure and it is up to us to how we enjoy it or not. I do struggle but hope to be enjoying the adventure more then anything else.
OK I think I am done my ramblings and hopefully some of it made sense(:
I will write again soon with an update next week after we find out some information to share...oh the suspense(: I hope that will bring you back to find out what the news must be. Until then......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Time

Enjoying the summer time in the newly enclosed back yard

Matthew walking on water

Adam is not

Seth figuring out if he can
Pigskin in the rain

This was after much work in setting up the fence. Fortunately the rain that was scheduled everyday that week, held off until two days after completing the fence as we had prayed for.