Sunday, December 7, 2008

No time to take a picture(:

Yesturday afternoon while kids were playing in different aspects of the house and yard and Josh and I cleaning here and there, I looked out to the backyard to see the twins enjoying the beautiful day. They both love animals both real ones and stuffed toys. I share this to introduce the next thing that happened. I felt so bad for Michael. He found himself a new friend in our backyard. The sad thing is I had to have him let it go so I could throw it out. He was holding and petting a dead bird. He got so upset when I took it away. I thought afterwards that it probably was a good thing that I didnt stop and get a picture at that point. It was so cute to see, both of his little arms were so tight hugging the dead bird and he kept petting its soft head. He was smiling from ear to ear. I guess this way it would be a cheap pet to keep.....atleast for a few days any way(: I know that was bad.
Not much else is happening other then the normal busy crazy stuff.
Oh not true silly me. Dec 1st Emma lost her first tooth and Dec 4 Adam lost his 5th tooth. Oh the tooth fairy was busy this week. The kids are getting so big. I know I owe updated pictures. I promise really soon and I will post a bunch. Till then have a super duper day(:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the examples of siblings(:

The examples of siblings can be the good the bad and the ugly. AS I have watched our growing kids with admiration and even at times awe it is amazing how they learn and grow from everything around it good or not so good. The twins being the babies are a little more noticable as they learn to say new words such as puppy, ball, and words only they and Father understand(: The kids are growing so fast. Michael has figured how to climb out of his bed, into everything else, over baby gates, dressers, tables etc right with Matthew in toe...oh the fun we have double time(: Even the "big" kids just seem so much bigger these days. It is pretty scary at times to think at how fast time is truely going by. Adam will be 7 in January. He acts..most of the time, beyond his years. I guess they all do at times but he truely does.
It is so funny as to what the twins are picking up from their older siblings. Michael is more like Seth and Matthew is more like Adam...their builds and somewhat personalities. M & M have learned to stick out their tongues thanks to Emma. Like that trait doesnt run in the family(: It was too funny this morning as we were having family prayer, the twins are so cute as they fold their arms as everyone else is suppose to, well Adam was still doing something and not standing still, Matthew swings one of his folded arms out at Adam and says "stop". That is his first time saying that word and what a time to use it. Needless to say I was amazed. Not only at the use of the word and it being spoken but that Matthew knew when it is time to pray we all need to stop what we are doing and be ready. I know I try to teach that but as any mother hopes that it is sinking in. Well for that split moment it was(:
I so pray that these dear sweet blessings that the Lord has blessed into our lives wont be messed up when I am done with them in my care. Nothing like being made so aware of ones weaknesses then to do your best, at least hopefully in raising and rearing them as they should go even if you yourself dont always 100% of the time, but that the Lord will compesate for all of that and that they will still grow up as HE would have them. They are so amazing and so different. I know that the Lord has great things for each one of our kids. I pray for guidance to be open to what I need to do to at least help in what I am to be doing.
I know that the Lord loves each one of us as we are His children.
May those who read this have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week and be mindful of those things we are truely thankful for. God Bless.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

try not to laugh...

Short, sweet and to the point. Tonight I was on the phone with a friend...I do have one here and there(: and Adam and Seth are sitting at the table finishing up dinner, well Adam was and Seth bugging Adam. Seth decides to get up on the table and while his tush is upward does what any boy would do in that situation......lets it friend on the phone laughing her head off, Adam laughing so loud and me trying to keep my composure and getting Seth first off the table and then to say excuse me. That was short lived. I start busting as Seth gets off the table he starts heading to the bathroom yelling " I pooped my pants, I pooped my pants" It just goes to show you should be more descrete in sharing the air. It was too funny. I tell Adam he is a nut while we are all trying to get ourselves composed and he laughs out well you're a nut cracker....I think my friend must of wet her pants after that. She said it is always so much fun at my house....oh if she only knew ALL the fun we have here(: I am grateful for the fun, funny times to help get through those that arent quite so. On that happy note I am off to clean and attack my huge pile of never ending laundry. Gee I take one night off and look out(:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

thoughts to ponder

I sit here alone in the quiet of the night, the house is quiet and still as I get a couple of things done (not as much as needs to but something) and find myself at a peacefull place. It is interesting as I usually feel pretty crazy with all that goes on in my "normal" day to day things with the kids, family and friends and really whatever comes my way. But even in those crazy, busy moments there is peace aswell. I dont know if I am expressing myself as I mean to but that is what I felt to share. more for myself then anyone else but I am feeling that very deep within myself. We can find and feel peace around and within us no matter what is going on around us or even in our own experiences. Heaven Father loves each one of us and yes that includes the "crazies" (: He did create all of us(: I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life, my family, my wonderful husband who loves me and our wonderful children, and of course the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would be nothing without it in my life and the paths and direction the Lord has for me and our family. I am at peace to know He knows it all and I dont need to..not all ot once, but to have faith that everything is in HIS mighty hands..."no matter what..."
Thank you for your love and support. there are other things I could share at this time.. I am sure funnier but that will have to wait for another time. That is the end for now of my pontification(:

Friday, November 14, 2008

could it get any ......?

The boys are both teething and breaking in both eye teeth...oh the fun(: Well when I entered their bedroom this morning there was a sickening smell. "Do I really want to go in there?" I must. Well, Micheal was fine and happy to be awake and see what adventures he will get into today, but Matthew's adventures had already started. The poor little guy had been sick everywhere in his bed and he was soaked all over and then some with the poops. Poor little guy but guess who gets to clean it all up? Yup. SO bath time and disinfecting time..big time. Oh the day isnt even done. That was at 7am. Now at about 1:20ish after we got home from an appointment, Matthew who has been extra cuddly anyways, curls up in my arms. So I lay back a little so he can lay on me more comfortably. WRONG thing to do!!!!! I start feeling kinda warm and Matthew started to stink. I asked Matthew if he pooped.....he shakes his head "NO". Oh yeah. All over me. Oh the fun. So I change him, his clothes and get ready to go get changed myself when poor little guy just starts puking his little guts out all into my lap. I am so glad I could help. Well, I am now clean but we will see for how long. I cant wait till those teeth come in for good(:

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mother's job is never done

Ok some of you might have seen this but I just came to find it again and I love it. It says it all. Sit back, get ready for a laugh and enjoy(:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

where did it go?????

This morning I was getting ready and doing my morning things. Brushing my hair of course is one of those things. Well I couldnt find my brush. Where could it be? Oh there it is. Why is it on the floor beside the toilet? I didnt put it there and I know I didnt knock it down from the counter. OK. Oh well I need to brush my hair before it dries all funky.....wooooow gross. Not with that brush. Ah yeah! last night Seth needed to go to the bathroom and Emma was in the kids bathroom so he went to ours. Gee the things little boys do when they are "busy" in the bathroom. Well Needless to say my brush went into the garbage. I guess Seth figured he wanted to go fishing in his poop with my brush. Need I say more? (: Oh the fun never ends.
Another side note to add about today. Seth decided he wanted to be an artist today. He drew on the wall, the fridge, and the freezer. For all I know there is more(: Well the little guy isnt too happy with me right now as I am "helping" him erase his wonderful work. The adventures never end. And to think I was going to try to take a quiet moment to myself today.....HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE I crack myself up(:
Hope you have a super duper day(:

Friday, October 24, 2008

I know, I should have taken a picture (:

I should have taken a picture
I know, I know, I should have taken a picture. Well here we go. Yesturday we were trying to get out the door for a day of visits and play for the kids. In the rush of things someone took a cup of chocolate protein drink from the counter where I put it and move it to the table. Well, while I was running around getting everything ready to go I hear from the other room from my dear sweet Emma,"mom, one of the babies are on the table" Again not knowing someone moved the drink over to the table I went in thinking I was just going to take a baby - Michael off the table. Oh was I wrong(: Here if you can visualize this, is Michael sitting in this ever growing brown puddle. He sees me coming and quickly flips over to his tummy and starts licking it up as fast as he can knowing what is going to happen. So dripping table and dripping baby and we are now late getting out of the house(: Dont worry everything and everyone got cleaned up and we enjoyed our day, but who can predict how our days will start out(:
Hope you enjoyed one of my many adventures. Believe me there will be many many more(:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The rains came down and the floods came up

Well it has been raining all night and now all day. The kids have their choice of a natural pool in the frontyard or the backyard. AS for me right now we are having a quiet moment which is oh so enjoyable every once in a while.
Ok I need to update on a couple of funnies. I am still finding my way around this blog site and hopefully figure it out and make it more like we want it, but until then I will still write here and there(:
Last weekend we did some family activities. Friday we went for a little hike with the kids. It was pretty sunny while driving so Josh put on some sunglasses. Well that got all the kids wanting to have some sun glasses since daddy had some. While trying to get everyone calmed down, we hear from the backseat "My eyes are burning". Josh and I started laughing so hard. Seth in his attempt to get sun glasses thought this would do the trick. Low and behold it didnt but we had a great laugh out of it.
Saturday we went to one of Texas's many State parks for another family hike. We have started with the kids to play a question game called McWiz JR. So while we drove we ask them questions and teach them the answers they dont know. I share this cause it leads into the next funny. We asked Emma "what is the eleventh month?" Josh gave Emma the clue that we are in the tenth month and it is October, then Adam piped in it began with the letter "N". So Emma answered firmly that it was Noctober(: Kids do say the darndest things. Never a dull moment in and out of our house.
Well I hope you enjoyed the long and funny of it as much as we did. I will do my best to keep this site up and rolling with our adventures, crazies and whatever comes our way.
Take care, God bless and have a super duper day(:

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is all Seth - enjoy the video

Summer Vacation 2008

Vacation went so well, Emma recieved a shiner
Enjoying great-grandparents and Uncle Steve
Just behind the flowers
150 feet underground - Longhorn caves

Grand Canyon

Enjoying the ride
Hanging out with second cousins in California

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