Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2 of our family trip

Well I have been waiting for some pictures my camera didnt get so well but I will have to wait a tad bit we will just move on anyways with what I do have(: Hold on, there are a lot of pictures in this one.
Rachel with Timothy
Extended family the Nhiev family
Christmas in July-- The gang is all here--

Now off to the Book of Mormon printing shop, Smith farmhouse, Palmyra Temple, Sacred Grove and then the Hill Cumorah Pageant. A very fun filled day.

First edition of the Book of Mormon

Simply Beautiful.

from the bottom of the Hill Cumorah

at the top

Josh, Emma, Adam, Seth, Michael, Matthew and Holly(Timothy at the bottom with family)

getting ready for the pageant to begin

some of the pageant cast.

Heading to the promised land

Abinadi and King Noah

The Savior in America

This was so amazing and what an opportunity to share it together as a family.

Part 3 to come soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 1: Palmyra NY - Day 1

Well we headed out Sunday July 10 early in the morning from Rosepine Louisiana and arrived Monday around 12:30 to sign in and wait for the rest of the family to arrive for the Strachan mini family reunion at the KOA in Canandaigua(Rochester NY). What can I was way too short and full of family, love, new and renewed relationships(: It was so great to see everyone and all the cousins together was so wonderful. I pray the next one wont take 14 years to come around(:

Here are some if the pictures with more to I took over 300 and I know there are hundreds more taken combined. I will add more if I get any from others cameras. Here are a few of mine. The family(:

Sean, Rachel, Mac, Seneca, Dee Strachan

Jack, Rob, Lesley, Luke, Christian Graham

Heather, Manuel Jr.(Dingo), Paloma, Manuel Sr. Herrera

Sorry this was the best one I had and the least blury(:
Michael, Adam, Seth. Josh, Timothy, Holly, Emma, Matthew Smith
point proven(: can you imagine how hard it is to get all of us looking at the same camera let alone all staying still long enough for a pictures(:

Mom and all the outlaws(: Rob, Dee, Mom, Manuel Sr.,Josh

Sean, Lesley, Mom(Gail), Heather, Holly

Eternal families(: thank goodness(: I know I love mine(: Miss you all already(:

To Be Continued......