Friday, August 5, 2011

part 3

OK before I move on I need to fill in on some other pictures. My camera didnt do so well at night and I guess just not so great at other times either. I now have a bunch from other cameras that are not mine(: SO please enjoy these pictures too(:
The grandkids and Grandma

The Whole Dang Family

Timothy watching everyone doing their thang

Everyone having fun together

Sean, Lesley, Heather and Holly

Dee, Sean, Les, Rob, MOM, Heather, Manuel, Holly, Josh

Look Twins,

and more twins(2 generations)Heather, Michael, Matthew, HollyThe Gang at Chili's-Our Last Supper before everyone goes their own way):

And some hugs.....not good bye, just see you later! sniff sniff (I am not going to cry) ok I did even while putting these together. What can I say....we have planned and waited for over a year and in a blink of an eye it was over. I miss you guys all ready. Even while putting this together the kids each said I miss do I.

Part 4 coming soon.....