Sunday, September 20, 2009

what happends when you are busy

Oh the question I keep getting, Isnt easier now that you only have the twins home? I guess whomever is asking dont hace twins(: cause they keep me so busy. They feed off each other for teh good the bad and the ugly. This is what happends when you are trying to help a friend or two and catching up with them on the phone for a few minutes. The pictures dont do it justice, but here they are(: OH and I found out cause they were playing so great together laughing and having so much fun I decided to see what they were doing....they had cut open a bag, a big bag of shredded cheese and laughing at it fly in the air as they hit the couch, and of course with their help all over the downstairs...oh it was so much fun to clean up...from everywhere high and low... oh I love my twins and they are definately teaching me something...

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Do we remember(: May we always remember those who have died and sacrificed and still sacrifice for our freedom. I just wanted to share a message from my friend. I couldnt have said some better myself.

May God bless you and your loved ones always. (it refers to a song, for some reason I couldnt get it to download. I will try again later)

In remembrance of 9/11 and the events that have changed and shaped our lives. I would like to share with you (again for some of the song that was written for a very special person who has touched my family's life.

During the last deployment OIF 06-08 2-8 Cav went through several losses. Almost from the beginning they were hit hard and the sorrows of losing their friends weighed heavy on us all. I share this song to honor all those at home and abroad who are making these sacrifces and carrying these trials that we seem to be called upon to carry more often than we may have expected.

It is a song about loss and love. The love of Brothers in Arms. I remember one Sunday, coming home from Church a few years ago and seeing a message from my husband. It said, "Honey, I need to talk, I lost my friend today." It was several weeks before he was able to tell me what had happened, but when he did, the two lines that have stuck in my mind since were...."I kissed his forehead and said I love you brother." and..."I held him in my arms and prayed over him all the way back to the FOB." It testified to me of the strength of their friendships and love. I imagine a friendship that will go on through the eternities.

It is a song written for a time when there were no words to express the feelings that consumed the mind, but it is also a song that reflects the comfort of others who have been reaching out to salute us and especially our soldiers. It is the comfort of our family, friends and each other that have helped us get through so many tough and lonely times.

I am so grateful for this deployment, that is has been more peaceful and quiet. I am grateful for the prayers of others who have prayed for us when we did not know of them. I can feel the strength of those who care. I cannot tell you how often I have walked into a store and someone says thank you. My favorite memory was walking into Walmart in Ft. Worth on the day I had to take my husband back from R&R and he was in uniform and we had our six kids in tow. This older gentleman walks straight up to us and gives my husband a firm handshake and says thank you. He handed my children some cash. We tried to decline but he insisted, stating, "I am a Vietnam Vet. I know the struggles that you face. Your husband sacrifices for this country, but these children have made a great sacrifice also. I am grateful to them and want to thank them. So go let them buy something they will enjoy." He than began to tell us the story of his group that was under fire in Vietnam. They were surrounded and had no way to get out. He mentioned the name of the company that came to their rescue. He expressed his feelings for those who had saved thier lives so long ago. We said our goodbyes and continued on our way, only to come across another man who walked up to us and said his Thank Yous. He than told us of his time in Vietnam and how he had been with this group that had been called in to rescue another. To our astonishment, he had been in the goup that had rescued the other man. We pointed out the other gentleman whom we had just talked to and watched as these two men met and began talking of times long ago. Two strangers meeting for the first time and talking like old friends. It was another testament of the love that develops between our soldiers. It also showed me that there are many who honor and pray for us.

So in memory of those who have given thier all and in honor of a 2-8 CAV Echo Company Gunner who lost his life in Iraq in OIF 06-08, I share this with everyone to give them what gift I can give. I pray that this month goes well for everyone.

With all my love,

Karyl Chase