Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy first Birthday Timothy

Wow how time has flown by. It is so hard to believe that Timothy is already 1 year old. He has grown so much and is loving life(: Entering our lives weighing 10lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long he is still our big boy. He is into everything and keeps me on my toes. He has a smile, laugh and grin that just melts your heart and makes you laugh too. He is a pure joy in all of our lives.

Happy 1st Birthday Timothy.

Timothy will get to enjoy his first birthday cake tonight. Should be a lot of fun. (sorry no pictures as we still do not have a new camera, but I am sure you can imagine)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

She has gotta keep up with the rest....

Well today I had my 24Th week doctors appointment. I am actually 24 weeks 2 days. Well our darling little princess is keeping up with the rest of the family. I am measuring 27 weeks. She is going to be another bruiser(: This will be interesting as to how big she will be. Any guesses family???

Oh and we have decided on our little girls name. She will be known as Esther Ruth Smith. We are so excited for her arrival.

Cant wait to hear what your guesses are(:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

They feel her(:

It is so fun at this point of the pregnancy as the family can now feel Esther move and bounce(dance) around. It is so fun to see the kids reactions from "oh weird" "I felt her move" "wow that is really cool" and their facial reactions are priceless. It is so fun to have the family involved in the excitement of the arrival of our new family member. The kids as well as us of course are so excited. Still so much to do and get ready for this precious bundle of joy(: Will be very interesting how things go when the great day comes and she is here. I know there is some time before that happens but time has a way of flying by and then the day will be here ready or not(: Keep you posted as how things go.

Oh before I go I need to share. A few weeks ago while the twins had gotten into something they shouldn't have(like that "never" happens)

Me" who did this?

Matthew: it was Timothy.

Me:Don't you dare blame Timothy.

Matthew:"Esther did it"

Josh: wow Esther isn't even here yet and she is already getting into trouble.

Needless to say it was pretty funny(:

Look out Esther is all I gotta say for now(:

(yes side not not my belly but loved the picture)

Friday, February 10, 2012


On Monday Jan 30/12 (21 weeks along)we found out we will be blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The whole family was in the small ultrasound room for the tour of the baby growing inside of mommy. It was a special time together as the kids were trying to figure out what was what and the whole time saying see it is a girl....that is the baby's head, see now it is a girl....that is the baby's stomach. It was really sweet to see how excited all these wonderful Children of our Heavenly Father were to see their new sibling.
Now the time finally came when the tech announced what we were going to be having...well the fire alarm went off (drill but no one knew about it) and she announced it was a girl. WOW the kids were jumping up and down screaming and cheering that it was a girl...remember it was a small room(: good thing the alarm was going off or we might have caused an alarm ourselves(:
Too say the least we are all excited for Esther Ruth Smith to be joining our family mid (or so) June 2012. Yes that is what our princess's name will be(:
Sorry no pictures our camera was a science project gone wrong as the twins found out it isn't good to take and hide mommy's camera outside in the rain(: Yeah wont go there(: And I still have yet to scan in the ultrasound pics. As soon as I do they will be up here(: Cant wait to show you Esther(:
So needless to say we are tickled pink and frills to go with it(: Going all out girlie for this one(: and Emma is excited to help in that area too(:
Thank you for sharing in our very happy news(:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Adam

Wow ten years ago we were blessed with our first wonderful baby.....Adam. My how the time has flown by and we have been so blessed.

Adam is such a joy and amazing young man to have in our home and family. I am truly grateful he chose our family to come to(:

Adam back then(:

Adam now(:

He touches the hearts of all those who know him(:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Smith Christmas 2011

Here is our Christmas 2011 with some extras(:

First the extra: We had to replace our windshield thanks to a hard headed smith male in the family. While being upset Michael jump while in the front seat of the van and smashed the window. his head was fine but I cant say the same about the windshield. So that became one of our family Christmas gifts.

The rest of Christmas went great and all were happy.
We even got a couple of letters from Santa this year and let us know where each were in their standings. Then on Christmas we found another letter of good wishes and encouragement of this new year(:
Well here are the Smith Christmas pictures.
The kids waiting for their Christmas cereal before church. That is all we did before church and the rest was after church. They were so good in waiting.

Before church The true meaning of Christmas and our focus. Before anything was touched(:

While all the kids had cereal Timothy had clementines. He loved them.

Now after church and time together(: In our family we have a tradition of opening gifts one at a time from youngest to oldest. This may take time but it helps all to enjoy in what everyone was blessed with and not just themselves(: It is a time of togetherness and patience(:Timothy opening his first gift. We love books in our family and that is another tradition each year at Christmas. The kids ( and us)always get a new book or set of books.


Matthew and Michael (still love Dino's)



Adam ( Adam loves to read) (:

We also do some DVDs for the kids and family. Human planets is a wonderful set to get. Harry Potter, Cheaper by the dozen 2 (which I am sure is so not true) hehehehe. And of course some for Josh(:

I know this is along post. Bear with me a little longer(:

A few bigger gifts we were blessed with due to great deals on Black Friday were as follows: Josh's new 45.

The kids got Lego's(great deal)(:

From Great Grandpa the kids all got bikes for Christmas ( we were blessed to find used ones on Craigslist for Josh and I)

I have looked for years for this painting. It hung up in our family room and has special meaning to me. After seeing it in Oct at the DC Temple my search had finally came to an end and I was blessed to get this for our family. I hope it will have special meaning for our kids as it did for me.

We exchange gift with extended family members for Christmas. This year Jenny and Dave had us. Jenny blessed us with her talent. All were very grateful and happy for what they got(: They are so beautiful and are on our mantle on the fireplace where they will stay(:

Timothy has the right idea. I know I am bushed after all of this how about you(:

Here they are...with more to come(:

I have been promising updates and pictures well here they are. I need to get them in here as there is always so much going on.

Here are some pictures from our family trip to the Birmingham Zoo.

At one of Emma's achivement days they did a dress modestly night. All we had to work with were garbage bags, duct tape and sparly gems. No one knew what the theme was till after the outfits were made. Some would not have made the cut(: But here is Emma's(:

Emma And all the girls

Here are some random pictures.

I tried uploading videos and for some reason it just froze my computer. Some cute ones of Timothy laughing with Emma and then one where Timohty is riding on Seth's shoulder on the floor and they are laughing as well as everyone else(: I hope you enjoyed . I will do Christmas next time(:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wow dont worry we are still here(:

I know it has been a while since we last posted(: What can I say. We moved to Fort Rucker Alabama, went to DC for Caleb's and Rose's wedding, and been playing catch up ever since.
Life is extra busy with Michael and Matthew home as well. This may sound bad but I am looking forward to those too being back in school. In LA there was preschool apart of the school system. Here in AL it is not. You can put them in preschool if we want to pay $350.00 a month. I don't know about you but I don't have an extra $350 laying around(: So double trouble are living up to their names......ten fold.
Yes sorry for those curious I have no pictures. At times of destruction my main concern was cleaning up before permanent damage or harm to another.

No pictures of our Thanksgiving but it was a wonderful time just being together as a family and having daddy around. Now we wait till Christmas to really see him again(: Oh we will cherish those times together(:

Hope you are all doing great and keeping well. I love it when my kids will actually share accept for one thing......sickness(: knock on wood it hasn't gone all the way through the house yet and hopefully not.

Well Till next time have a super duper day. Boys are calling and this is good cause when they go silent I know I am in trouble(:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emma's baptism August 17 2011

Wow Emma is now 8 year old. How time flies by. It just seemed yesturday we were holding our baby girl in our arms(:

Here are a few pictures from her special night.

Emma also got her own set of scriptures amongst some other things.

Then the next day mommy and Emma went and she got her ears pierced.