Wednesday, February 29, 2012

She has gotta keep up with the rest....

Well today I had my 24Th week doctors appointment. I am actually 24 weeks 2 days. Well our darling little princess is keeping up with the rest of the family. I am measuring 27 weeks. She is going to be another bruiser(: This will be interesting as to how big she will be. Any guesses family???

Oh and we have decided on our little girls name. She will be known as Esther Ruth Smith. We are so excited for her arrival.

Cant wait to hear what your guesses are(:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

They feel her(:

It is so fun at this point of the pregnancy as the family can now feel Esther move and bounce(dance) around. It is so fun to see the kids reactions from "oh weird" "I felt her move" "wow that is really cool" and their facial reactions are priceless. It is so fun to have the family involved in the excitement of the arrival of our new family member. The kids as well as us of course are so excited. Still so much to do and get ready for this precious bundle of joy(: Will be very interesting how things go when the great day comes and she is here. I know there is some time before that happens but time has a way of flying by and then the day will be here ready or not(: Keep you posted as how things go.

Oh before I go I need to share. A few weeks ago while the twins had gotten into something they shouldn't have(like that "never" happens)

Me" who did this?

Matthew: it was Timothy.

Me:Don't you dare blame Timothy.

Matthew:"Esther did it"

Josh: wow Esther isn't even here yet and she is already getting into trouble.

Needless to say it was pretty funny(:

Look out Esther is all I gotta say for now(:

(yes side not not my belly but loved the picture)

Friday, February 10, 2012


On Monday Jan 30/12 (21 weeks along)we found out we will be blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The whole family was in the small ultrasound room for the tour of the baby growing inside of mommy. It was a special time together as the kids were trying to figure out what was what and the whole time saying see it is a girl....that is the baby's head, see now it is a girl....that is the baby's stomach. It was really sweet to see how excited all these wonderful Children of our Heavenly Father were to see their new sibling.
Now the time finally came when the tech announced what we were going to be having...well the fire alarm went off (drill but no one knew about it) and she announced it was a girl. WOW the kids were jumping up and down screaming and cheering that it was a girl...remember it was a small room(: good thing the alarm was going off or we might have caused an alarm ourselves(:
Too say the least we are all excited for Esther Ruth Smith to be joining our family mid (or so) June 2012. Yes that is what our princess's name will be(:
Sorry no pictures our camera was a science project gone wrong as the twins found out it isn't good to take and hide mommy's camera outside in the rain(: Yeah wont go there(: And I still have yet to scan in the ultrasound pics. As soon as I do they will be up here(: Cant wait to show you Esther(:
So needless to say we are tickled pink and frills to go with it(: Going all out girlie for this one(: and Emma is excited to help in that area too(:
Thank you for sharing in our very happy news(: