Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I will have to admit, not chiming in the New Year like I thought I would with my kids but it did turn out for good.
After dinner together we had milk shakes, which is more then a rarity in our house(: We were having fun, then off to watch a movie together(:
Sounds good so far(:
Well, as bed time comes closer and others getting a little bored the "real" fun begins... The twins, at least one whom I will not name knocked all my laundry onto the floor(5 or so loads that had not made there way upstairs yet) which got the ball going. Then the yelling and screaming began oh the fun is now going(and not starting with me( one can hear me so I add to the yelling ( may I mention not a good choice of action which I knew better) OK I wont get into it all but there was wailing, yelling, up sets all around even a punch here and not done by Happy New Year right(:
After I got everyone calmed down including myself I talked to the children first one at a time, shared my feelings and helped see the difference of our choices and we feel in what situations and how we can control ourselves in those situations. Feeling not like the worlds best mom during all the crazies I was hoping I was at least lower on that top 100 worlds morst mom list then near the top.
So then we all head in for family prayer and calmness....I hug and kiss the kids and of course tell them as I do a lot that I love them and the beautiful music of hearing " I love you mommy" from the point of hugs and kisses to walking down the hall(: makes the rest almost go away. Lessons learned by all of us tonight.
Did I mention a lot of the emotions tonight that were shared other then feeling bad about all that happened was, even though knowing daddy will be hopefully home by next weekend, with it being the dawn of a New Year the kids (and I) are missing their daddy sooooooo much. Lots of hugs and kisses and music helped them go to bed(:
I do need to add. Adam my sweet little man, came running down the stairs after all were in bed and handed me a card he made. on one side it said To: mom From: Adam. On the other side he wrote a poem, Roses are red, Violets are blue, all that matters, Is I love you(: Then he had drawn a family picture with all of our names with each person drawn(: I soooooo needed that tonight. Made my night. Another set of hugs and kisses and then he was back to bed(:
A roller coaster of emotions tonight. Maybe I shouldn't post this here but then again, why not. A night in the life of our family. The good the bad and the ugly. Yes we say and do things we regret and hopefully learn from. Boy am I no exception to that. But I can say I love my family so very much and would do anything for my family. They are my life, my world, and I am so grateful for them. I may teach some things and hopefully good things but I learn so much more from our precious children(:
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, for my Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful for my many blessings. I am grateful for this new year ahead of us and the wonders it holds(:
I hope and pray you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year(:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Then and Now

OK, I know mom I havent written on the BLOG one pound a week. Well not including the holidays I am going to do something I would normally dread...ok I still do but truth be told(: Last Christmas I was still carrying a lot of the twin baby weight. I knew I was a big cough cough I mean "healthy" girl I just didnt realize how much till last Christmas formal picture for Josh's Christmas ball at work. Well here is my before picture...yes I am still beautiful I know(: so I am told(:

doesnt my man look HOT(:

Ok the next one isnt my most up to date but it gets the point across. If it looks a little blury or off my little photographer did his best(: Thank you Adam(:
Down from Jan 1 2009 to now almost Jan 1 2010 give or take a few(: but my average for now is down about 45 pounds(: Not where I want to be but a good year none the less. I will continue this goal of one pound a week till I reach my goal. Yes I have had some pretty bad months hense I havent quite reached my goal but I am still doing it. The only reason this would all change for next year is if I had a "reason" to be putting weight on and then I have other goals for that(: hehehehe
SO here we go...drum roll please...ddddddrrrrrrddddddrrrrrrrrr ok you get the idea(:
ok here is the newer me and more to go (: This one is from Sept 09

This one is Dec 09 but in a sweater(:

So there you have it(:
There will be more updates coming soon(: Christmas lights, special visitors, and of course in the New Year daddy home for 2 weeks(: SO come again and there will be more...I promise(:
Until then have a super duper wonderful day(:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas(:

Merry Christmas everyone(:
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and rememebring the true meaning of this time of year(: I am truely greatful for the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ and for the life He lived and His death and Atonement so that I can be forgiven and return to live with Him again.
I am truely greatful for my many blessings, for life, health, and of coures above those my family. I look forward to two weeks from now when my wonderful husband, the father of our amazing children, our soldier and hero will be home for two weeks before he returns to Iraq to finish his deployment. It will be a wonderful cherished time in our lives. I will say a deployments makes you rethink some aspects of your life as well as the realities of life.
I promise during that time when Josh is home I will maybe not catch up from everything but I will catch up on some things plus pictures and pictures. SOme from here in Texas as well as some that I will hopefully get from Iraq(: Should be some great ones (: hehehehe
While Josh is home we are praying it will be before the 10th so Adam can be baptized on his birthday(: what a way to start a family vacation(: Then we will be away for a couple of days to an indoor water park in a hotel(: oh the fun, can you see it now(: The following weekend (Jan 17th) we plan on having our family Christmas. Yes we are waiting till Josh is home. The kids did get one gift from mom and dad(us) and one each from Santa. Thank you Santa(: (you know who you are(:hehehehe the kids loved the gifts(: Then just some family stuff, hiking, movies, catching up time, going to the Temple(: cant wait.
SO until then I/we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year(: