Friday, April 22, 2011

A funny to share(:

While Josh and I were sitting and talking on the couch, Matthew came over with a diaper he found that use to be he and Michael's.
Matthew " here mom a diaper"
he then found another one
Matthew " her mom another diaper"
Mommy "we will save these ones for Timothy..."
Matthew "then when he has a poopy"
Mommy "you can change it."
Matthew "nnnnooooooo"
Mommy "then daddy can change it."
Matthew "nnnnnnooooooo, you mommy"
Mommy " why me and not daddy?"
Matthew "cause you change them soooo well." (said with a straight face of course(: )

We had a good laugh, hope you did too(:

Friday, April 15, 2011

the never ending family hike

Yesterday( Thursday April 14/11) we went on a family hike. the beginnings we were all like this.. Timothy's first hAdd Imageike

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beauty and nature around us together as a family.

This is what Josh had to say about it.....

Kisatche needs to update their trail maps. It started off innocent enough as we started off with excitement around 1345 (145pm for the rest of us) from the Government Pond Complex following a trail marked with blue diamonds on the trees. Based upon what I read online, I thought we would be on a 2-4 mile route - something we normally do as a family as it takes us about an hour to hike 3-4 miles with the twins. 4.5 hours later (and after I (Josh) ran ahead with one of the twins the last 2 miles to get the van and drive back down the road to link up with them) we finally completed the "family" hike.

Considering we made it up the South Range Road from the Pond Complex and based upon our normal travel rate, we estimated we covered 12-15 miles today.

Kids did a pretty good job -while Holly and I are laid up, the kids bounced off the walls and swimming in the pool the rest of the night.

Needless to say the fun family hike turned into the hike that felt like it would never end. The kids did amazing and we all worked together to encourage one another to keep on going. Yes we had our moments and I got to deal with a poopy accident and unhappy kiddos, we all made it out of their alive. We prayed a lot to the Lord to help us get out of the Forrest as those blue diamonds just were not getting us back to the van. We finally found a road and took it. Wow it was a long 4.5 hours and we figured about 13-15 miles in total when all was said and done.

We saw a cowboy along the trail and the kids got to pat the horse "Genie".

I will say, it is a challenge but can be done to nurse a baby while carrying him in a baby carrier. Don't worry no pictures of that even though Josh had the camera it didn't happen. Thought you would all appreciate that one(:

As stated above in Josh's comments, we got home and the kids were running and all over the place while Josh and I had become ancient in such a short time. We both could hardly move. I think I can put it to the fact that we weren't all dehydrated and and more and had our strength back in our bodies....OK the kids anyways. it took all we could to move(:

The kids all ate amazing last night 1-3 bowls of dinner and all of us slept so well. Josh was a sleep on the couch before the kids even fell asleep.

Needless to say we will still continue our wonderful family hikes just not on that trail any time soon.

Sorry no end of hike pictures. It would have taken too much energy, plus at that point we weren't totally sure where the camera ended up.