Friday, October 31, 2008

Mother's job is never done

Ok some of you might have seen this but I just came to find it again and I love it. It says it all. Sit back, get ready for a laugh and enjoy(:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

where did it go?????

This morning I was getting ready and doing my morning things. Brushing my hair of course is one of those things. Well I couldnt find my brush. Where could it be? Oh there it is. Why is it on the floor beside the toilet? I didnt put it there and I know I didnt knock it down from the counter. OK. Oh well I need to brush my hair before it dries all funky.....wooooow gross. Not with that brush. Ah yeah! last night Seth needed to go to the bathroom and Emma was in the kids bathroom so he went to ours. Gee the things little boys do when they are "busy" in the bathroom. Well Needless to say my brush went into the garbage. I guess Seth figured he wanted to go fishing in his poop with my brush. Need I say more? (: Oh the fun never ends.
Another side note to add about today. Seth decided he wanted to be an artist today. He drew on the wall, the fridge, and the freezer. For all I know there is more(: Well the little guy isnt too happy with me right now as I am "helping" him erase his wonderful work. The adventures never end. And to think I was going to try to take a quiet moment to myself today.....HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE I crack myself up(:
Hope you have a super duper day(:

Friday, October 24, 2008

I know, I should have taken a picture (:

I should have taken a picture
I know, I know, I should have taken a picture. Well here we go. Yesturday we were trying to get out the door for a day of visits and play for the kids. In the rush of things someone took a cup of chocolate protein drink from the counter where I put it and move it to the table. Well, while I was running around getting everything ready to go I hear from the other room from my dear sweet Emma,"mom, one of the babies are on the table" Again not knowing someone moved the drink over to the table I went in thinking I was just going to take a baby - Michael off the table. Oh was I wrong(: Here if you can visualize this, is Michael sitting in this ever growing brown puddle. He sees me coming and quickly flips over to his tummy and starts licking it up as fast as he can knowing what is going to happen. So dripping table and dripping baby and we are now late getting out of the house(: Dont worry everything and everyone got cleaned up and we enjoyed our day, but who can predict how our days will start out(:
Hope you enjoyed one of my many adventures. Believe me there will be many many more(:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The rains came down and the floods came up

Well it has been raining all night and now all day. The kids have their choice of a natural pool in the frontyard or the backyard. AS for me right now we are having a quiet moment which is oh so enjoyable every once in a while.
Ok I need to update on a couple of funnies. I am still finding my way around this blog site and hopefully figure it out and make it more like we want it, but until then I will still write here and there(:
Last weekend we did some family activities. Friday we went for a little hike with the kids. It was pretty sunny while driving so Josh put on some sunglasses. Well that got all the kids wanting to have some sun glasses since daddy had some. While trying to get everyone calmed down, we hear from the backseat "My eyes are burning". Josh and I started laughing so hard. Seth in his attempt to get sun glasses thought this would do the trick. Low and behold it didnt but we had a great laugh out of it.
Saturday we went to one of Texas's many State parks for another family hike. We have started with the kids to play a question game called McWiz JR. So while we drove we ask them questions and teach them the answers they dont know. I share this cause it leads into the next funny. We asked Emma "what is the eleventh month?" Josh gave Emma the clue that we are in the tenth month and it is October, then Adam piped in it began with the letter "N". So Emma answered firmly that it was Noctober(: Kids do say the darndest things. Never a dull moment in and out of our house.
Well I hope you enjoyed the long and funny of it as much as we did. I will do my best to keep this site up and rolling with our adventures, crazies and whatever comes our way.
Take care, God bless and have a super duper day(:

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is all Seth - enjoy the video

Summer Vacation 2008

Vacation went so well, Emma recieved a shiner
Enjoying great-grandparents and Uncle Steve
Just behind the flowers
150 feet underground - Longhorn caves

Grand Canyon

Enjoying the ride
Hanging out with second cousins in California

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