Friday, December 9, 2011

Wow dont worry we are still here(:

I know it has been a while since we last posted(: What can I say. We moved to Fort Rucker Alabama, went to DC for Caleb's and Rose's wedding, and been playing catch up ever since.
Life is extra busy with Michael and Matthew home as well. This may sound bad but I am looking forward to those too being back in school. In LA there was preschool apart of the school system. Here in AL it is not. You can put them in preschool if we want to pay $350.00 a month. I don't know about you but I don't have an extra $350 laying around(: So double trouble are living up to their names......ten fold.
Yes sorry for those curious I have no pictures. At times of destruction my main concern was cleaning up before permanent damage or harm to another.

No pictures of our Thanksgiving but it was a wonderful time just being together as a family and having daddy around. Now we wait till Christmas to really see him again(: Oh we will cherish those times together(:

Hope you are all doing great and keeping well. I love it when my kids will actually share accept for one thing......sickness(: knock on wood it hasn't gone all the way through the house yet and hopefully not.

Well Till next time have a super duper day. Boys are calling and this is good cause when they go silent I know I am in trouble(:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emma's baptism August 17 2011

Wow Emma is now 8 year old. How time flies by. It just seemed yesturday we were holding our baby girl in our arms(:

Here are a few pictures from her special night.

Emma also got her own set of scriptures amongst some other things.

Then the next day mommy and Emma went and she got her ears pierced.

Pictures of our property in Missouri...

I know finally right(: It has only been 3-4 month late(: Better late then never. So here we go. There were so many pictures to choose from. Here are a few(:
wild blackberries(: mmm mmm good
We also got to have some fun with Rick and Fran Miller. Thank you guys so much for everything.
Here are some pictures of an farm auction. Oh my goodness it smelt so fresh in there and the peaches were the best I have tasted in a very long time. Josh had asked me if I needed to look like a tourist with my camera out taking pictures(: hehehehe yes I do(:
We also visited Adam ondi ahman, lots of local stores and wonderful people. We were very tempted to change everything and stay now, but we know time is not now for us. We look forward to when it will be our time to build a home and call it home....we already feel it as home(: Not to mention we already have family there(: The Miller's were great and we cant wait to be back soon(:

Friday, August 5, 2011

part 3

OK before I move on I need to fill in on some other pictures. My camera didnt do so well at night and I guess just not so great at other times either. I now have a bunch from other cameras that are not mine(: SO please enjoy these pictures too(:
The grandkids and Grandma

The Whole Dang Family

Timothy watching everyone doing their thang

Everyone having fun together

Sean, Lesley, Heather and Holly

Dee, Sean, Les, Rob, MOM, Heather, Manuel, Holly, Josh

Look Twins,

and more twins(2 generations)Heather, Michael, Matthew, HollyThe Gang at Chili's-Our Last Supper before everyone goes their own way):

And some hugs.....not good bye, just see you later! sniff sniff (I am not going to cry) ok I did even while putting these together. What can I say....we have planned and waited for over a year and in a blink of an eye it was over. I miss you guys all ready. Even while putting this together the kids each said I miss do I.

Part 4 coming soon.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2 of our family trip

Well I have been waiting for some pictures my camera didnt get so well but I will have to wait a tad bit we will just move on anyways with what I do have(: Hold on, there are a lot of pictures in this one.
Rachel with Timothy
Extended family the Nhiev family
Christmas in July-- The gang is all here--

Now off to the Book of Mormon printing shop, Smith farmhouse, Palmyra Temple, Sacred Grove and then the Hill Cumorah Pageant. A very fun filled day.

First edition of the Book of Mormon

Simply Beautiful.

from the bottom of the Hill Cumorah

at the top

Josh, Emma, Adam, Seth, Michael, Matthew and Holly(Timothy at the bottom with family)

getting ready for the pageant to begin

some of the pageant cast.

Heading to the promised land

Abinadi and King Noah

The Savior in America

This was so amazing and what an opportunity to share it together as a family.

Part 3 to come soon.