Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pictures of our property in Missouri...

I know finally right(: It has only been 3-4 month late(: Better late then never. So here we go. There were so many pictures to choose from. Here are a few(:
wild blackberries(: mmm mmm good
We also got to have some fun with Rick and Fran Miller. Thank you guys so much for everything.
Here are some pictures of an farm auction. Oh my goodness it smelt so fresh in there and the peaches were the best I have tasted in a very long time. Josh had asked me if I needed to look like a tourist with my camera out taking pictures(: hehehehe yes I do(:
We also visited Adam ondi ahman, lots of local stores and wonderful people. We were very tempted to change everything and stay now, but we know time is not now for us. We look forward to when it will be our time to build a home and call it home....we already feel it as home(: Not to mention we already have family there(: The Miller's were great and we cant wait to be back soon(:


Mama Smith said... heart actually URNS to be there...I felt ONE with the LAND...and seeing this...just made me much I really wanted to MOVE to MISSOURI...ONE DAY...I hope...As much as I LOVE MONTANA and the people HERE...LOVE heart...just seems to be THERE...THANKS for posting such wonderful pictures of the property!