Friday, January 23, 2009

How do you explain this one?(:

Ok I only have a second right now but had to share this experience. Two days ago we went to the park to hopefully tire out the kiddies(: Well in the midst of this Seth of course had to go to the bathroom. Not once but twice. Couldnt finish his business at one time cause there was playing to be done. (: Ok thank goodness my friend was there. SO I chance Seth to the bathroom. "I am a big boy I go into the boys bathroom", ME " Then I cant help you cause I cant go in there" SO needless to say Seth proceeded to do his business. Did I mention this was in the housing office by the park, so there are people coming and going from in there? Didnt think so(: Ok so all of a sudden you hear very loudly and clearly " Mommy, come wipe my bumb......MOMMY COME WIPE MY BUMB!" over and over agian. "Seth I told you I cant come in there that is why I told you to come with me to the girls bathroom" "come wipe my bumb" " NO Seth I cant come in there" ok this goes on what seems like forever. Others are hearing this whole thing going on, a little girl at the end of a hallway is pointing at me talking through the bathroom door and she is saying something to someone I cant see. SO finally Seth is so upset he is shrieking and crying " I little boy you come wipe my bumb" I was hopeing at some point he would just do it himself and we could get out of there.....oh no, what was I thinking. SO Seth dicides fine you wont come to me I will come to you. Now I have a half naked boy at the bathroom door with his pants in have and one square of toilet paper in the other for me to wipe his hiney. Great. I am so glad no one had to use the bathroom or atleast come over during this time. Gee willikers. I told Seth I needed more then that. Needless to say Seth got cleaned up, redressed and back off to the park for more play. He still didnt want to hear that when it is just me and the kids they will be going into the girls bathroom so if they need me I can help. oh the fun never ends(: Hope you had a good laugh. I do now but at the time ....gee whiz(:

You know you feel old when.....

Ok gotta a quickie for ya. Yesturday while I was going through some of my things to keep or get rid of, I had put away an indian (native) drum I had made when I was in my late teens. Adam saw it and said "wow", ME "Ya ,I made this" ADAM " Back in the olden days?" My jaw dropped as I repeated what he had just said. We both started to laugh but I am sure for completely different reasons. Olden days ...what! Gee dont I feel a little ancient right now. Thank you oh offspring of mine(:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How much of a mess could it really be?

I know there are still no pictures, I am still figuring it out. I know it's not rocket science but hey atleast I am writing when I have a minute(:
Ok. The other day as I was getting a couple of things done on the computer and checking my emails which I should know better to do during the day....well, this is why(: Emma " mommy the boys have made a really big mess downstairs" Me- " with what?" Emma " beans, lots and lots of beans from the closet" the pantry. So I rush downstairs to find the twins enjoying the work of their labour all over the floor. Seth thought it was great and took advantage of the moment to slide threw the mess. I guess to see how much more of the house could be covered in all of these beans (dry beans and split peas). Needless to say we all pitched in on the cleaning of sweeping and vaccuming. I am still finding those little suckers all over the place. Like they were hiding during the clean up and now they are being caught in the aftermath.
Gee like I always say and it is sooooooo true, there is never a dull moment around here or really where ever we go.
On that note it is too quiet so something must be happening(: Chat soon with I am sure another of our Smith adventures(:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Better Late then Never (:

Miracles do happen. Here is our family newsletter. Hope it finds you happy, healthy and doing great. (:

This past year 2008 flew by. Not only can I not believe it is a new year but already almost half way through January 2009.

The kids are doing great and growing like weeds. What a change from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2008.

Adam-man: Turns 7 January 10th. Adam is my little brain. If ever I am in the wrong nothing like your eldest making sure you know it. (Smile) Adam loves to learn and experiment with things. Adam use to want to be an astronaut or pilot, but now he wants to be a Myth Buster (: smile. That’s my Adam.

Emma-girl: 5 till August then the big 6 this year. Emma is our little princess. She loves to dress up and help out around the house. Emma is our little artist as well. Give her some paper, crayons or markers and she will draw and color you the most wonderful and heart felt picture you ever did see. She loves giving her master pieces to everyone, and does it with a big smile (: smile. Emma loves babies and has been great with her little brothers. It is so sweet to hear her say to the twins when they are crying; ‘its ok sweetheart” as she helps them out.

Super Seth: 3 till May and then 4. What do I say about my Seth man? He is all boy with a gentle and loving heart. He will beat you up wrestle you down and flex his muscles, but he will also hug you and make sure you are ok too. Seth loves to help me in the kitchen. I think really anything that could get him messy (: smile. Seth loves life to the fullest and runs the throttle as such. Seth will leave a mark on your heart if not anywhere else. (:

Michael-man: Almost 20 months and will be 2 in May. Michael is the bigger of the twins. He loves the great outdoors and animals. Loves to talk and keep busy. Michael has a great love for life and adventure. No fear. I love watching him and Matthew grow on their own and together. Loves getting down and dirty and giving hugs and kisses. That’s by big boy Michael. (: smile.

Matthew-man: Almost 20 months and will also be 2 in May. That is a busy month for us (: Matthew may be the smaller of the twins but he sure is feistier. Matthew loves being outside and getting into anything his brother is getting into. Love animals especially “puppy”. Matthew is his own man. He might have come here with his big brother Michael but don’t mistaken that he is his own. (:

Josh: Is The Man. 2008 has been a pretty busy year for Josh in the US Army. Josh is gone a lot and working hard to provide for his wonderful wife and kids. (Josh’s words-smile) Josh had a moment to breath and went to jump school before our move to Fort Hood TX. That was a wonderful and exhilarating experience that not too many in his position (JAG) get to do. When Josh isn’t working he loves spending his time with his 5 wonderful kids and his wonderful wife (me-smile).

This upcoming year will be a different one as Josh will be deploying to Iraq for 15 months. He will be greatly missed and kept greatly in our prayers.

Last but not least me. Well I guess I have been a success this year as I am still at home and not institutionalized(: I guess I shouldn’t really joke about that but sometimes I wonder(: No but joking set aside, it has been a year of growth and learning all the way around. My wonderful kids keep me hopping and very busy and seeing things in different eyes. As crazy as our house may get from time to time the wonders and excitement is always there. When it all calms down the love, kisses and hugs are the icing on the cake (the good kind that doesn’t add calories-smile). I am constantly amazed by our kids, my husband and the experiences we can make it through together. I know that the Lord is with us in all things. He answers our prayers. He won’t give us more then we can handle, even though at times I truly wonder. I am grateful for my family. I love them so much and only want the best for them. I am grateful for Josh and all that he does for us.
This is a new year and will be full of new experiences, surprise and most of all memories. May the memories all be great ones.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon an update from last year and pictures too....lots and lots of pictures(: