Friday, January 23, 2009

How do you explain this one?(:

Ok I only have a second right now but had to share this experience. Two days ago we went to the park to hopefully tire out the kiddies(: Well in the midst of this Seth of course had to go to the bathroom. Not once but twice. Couldnt finish his business at one time cause there was playing to be done. (: Ok thank goodness my friend was there. SO I chance Seth to the bathroom. "I am a big boy I go into the boys bathroom", ME " Then I cant help you cause I cant go in there" SO needless to say Seth proceeded to do his business. Did I mention this was in the housing office by the park, so there are people coming and going from in there? Didnt think so(: Ok so all of a sudden you hear very loudly and clearly " Mommy, come wipe my bumb......MOMMY COME WIPE MY BUMB!" over and over agian. "Seth I told you I cant come in there that is why I told you to come with me to the girls bathroom" "come wipe my bumb" " NO Seth I cant come in there" ok this goes on what seems like forever. Others are hearing this whole thing going on, a little girl at the end of a hallway is pointing at me talking through the bathroom door and she is saying something to someone I cant see. SO finally Seth is so upset he is shrieking and crying " I little boy you come wipe my bumb" I was hopeing at some point he would just do it himself and we could get out of there.....oh no, what was I thinking. SO Seth dicides fine you wont come to me I will come to you. Now I have a half naked boy at the bathroom door with his pants in have and one square of toilet paper in the other for me to wipe his hiney. Great. I am so glad no one had to use the bathroom or atleast come over during this time. Gee willikers. I told Seth I needed more then that. Needless to say Seth got cleaned up, redressed and back off to the park for more play. He still didnt want to hear that when it is just me and the kids they will be going into the girls bathroom so if they need me I can help. oh the fun never ends(: Hope you had a good laugh. I do now but at the time ....gee whiz(:


Becky said...

The other day I was at Walmart and Ali had to go to the bathroom, well I wasn't paying attention and walked into the boys, so funnnnny!! because there was a guy in their peeing.

Mama Smith said...

Yes...I so remember those moments...I have two...stories in regards to "boys"...One though, was when Hyrum felt he was big enough to go to the bathroom on his own...during STAKE I let him...As you know...we always sit on the FRONT ROW...In the middle of someone talking, and the Stake Presidency on the stand...Hyrum comes running up the aisle from the BACK...with his church and under pants in HAND...running up with just his church SHIRT understand...(smile)