Sunday, December 7, 2008

No time to take a picture(:

Yesturday afternoon while kids were playing in different aspects of the house and yard and Josh and I cleaning here and there, I looked out to the backyard to see the twins enjoying the beautiful day. They both love animals both real ones and stuffed toys. I share this to introduce the next thing that happened. I felt so bad for Michael. He found himself a new friend in our backyard. The sad thing is I had to have him let it go so I could throw it out. He was holding and petting a dead bird. He got so upset when I took it away. I thought afterwards that it probably was a good thing that I didnt stop and get a picture at that point. It was so cute to see, both of his little arms were so tight hugging the dead bird and he kept petting its soft head. He was smiling from ear to ear. I guess this way it would be a cheap pet to keep.....atleast for a few days any way(: I know that was bad.
Not much else is happening other then the normal busy crazy stuff.
Oh not true silly me. Dec 1st Emma lost her first tooth and Dec 4 Adam lost his 5th tooth. Oh the tooth fairy was busy this week. The kids are getting so big. I know I owe updated pictures. I promise really soon and I will post a bunch. Till then have a super duper day(: