Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update of last week(:

Where do I begin(:
Well, as I told this story to my brother and he was laughing so hard I thought he was going to have an accident. He kept saying; "Josh has Navy boys" Let me explain if I can. The twins love to play in water and lately running around in the buff now that they can take off their own clothes...oh joy to me(: Well as I was trying to fix one mess our dear twins created upstairs, moments later I hear Emma calling from downstaris. "Mom the boys are playing in the toilet again and there is water all over the floor" Believe me when I say that that happends on a too frequent basis. SO I ask Emma to get some towels to clean up the water as I was trying to fix the computer...did I mention that is what they messed up? (: Then I hear this sound from downstairs. There is way too much fun going on in cleaning up that water. SO I head downstairs to my "joy" aaaaaahhhhhhh. Two inches of water from one side of the house where the bathroom in to the other side to the stove in the kitchen. What the heck! Not only is there two inches of water but my kids have decided it was a great indoor slip and slide and had to take their turns sliding from one side of the house to the other. Now water all over the floor, walls, stairs, doors....and dont forget the kids. All but Adam were dripping wet.
So I run out of the house, dont worry I was coming back. I was looking for someone who had something to suck up water. Three neighbors later success. There was so much water. Emptying 5-6 times the container then still towel drying everything(: All before Josh got home. Talk about working up a good sweat. That is one way to clean the floors but I wouldnt recomment it at all. Now not to embarrass me or the twins but I think the water factor was caused by flushing tampons down the toilet. Why do I guess this. Well before the cleaning up happened one of the babies (I wont say who) was sucking on what looked like it could have been a white rat. There was a string hanging from something. Well when I took it away from him it was a very water soaked tampon and another was floating across the floor in the kitchen. Maybe that was too much info but I have learned a number of lessons from that. Keep all my stuff where little hands cant get it if that is even possible and there is always an easier way to get things done but we seem to always make every opportunity a memorable one and never a dull one(: Now there is a jump rope tied from the fromt door to the bathroom so the babies cant get to the toilet. But as kids go if they want something bad enough they will find they, the twin s have figure if you push a chair to the kitchen sink you can also get water....and they do... SO the floor still gets wet and teh counter and of course the twins. Need I say more(: I will attach a pic or two later. Have a super duper day(: