Friday, August 28, 2009

what a morning...what next?

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Like I said, what a morning, what next? I really dont want to know the answer to that one. Today a friend and I decided to put our twins (she has twin boys too just 4 months older then ours) into hourly childcare and treat ourselves with a break to the gym(: For some there are better ways to treat yourself but this was ours(: Well after dropping off our kiddos, we decided to ditch my van at another friends house around the corner from childcare and go in one van(: safe right(: Well, as we were driving back about 2 hours later my friends phone rings....."yes she's here beside me why? oh, ok, I will tell her. We are almost there now" What? I demand as her face changes during the conversation.......well long story short, or shorter anyways, my friend where I left my van saw my van, didnt see me or the twins, and got worried. Tried my cell phone, which had been off in my bag while working out(: OOOOppppps. started freaking out and called the MP's (cops)(military Police) SO when we pulled around the corner there were not 2, not 3, but 4 including one with speakers on top of his SUV, cop cars outside her house.....needless to say they were informed I was ok and my kids too....but I sure as darn waited till they all pulled away before I went back into her house...only to be greated by 3 not so happy, worried friends who threatened me if ever I did that again they would kill me(: Oh I feel so loved(: SO now if I decide to make it to a real gym I have somewhere to take my kiddos and it isnt childcare(: Just thought someone might think this funny....It took me a bit to myself but thats cause it happened to me....All cause I wanted to go to a real gym to workout(: Thank you freinds who love me enough to watch my back(: I will be there to cover yours too....cause that's what we do(:

Have a super duper day(:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hugs anyone(:

ok I forgot to share this the other day but better late then never, right(: The other day while I was out with the kids at the zoo, struggling to keep it together and such as over an hour had already gone by in the over 100 degree weather(: and the kids having tons of fun...a dear sweet lady with one child in toe came out of no where and gave me a great big hug and said "God bless you" and then walked away. We kept seeing her as we were still going through the zoo. Oh I had hear it all believe me but that was my first stranger hug(: Just thought I would share that interesting event(: So next time you see a mom struggling with her kids, instead of thinking or making some kind of comment, try giving her a hug and be more understanding(: I garentee it will change her day(:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school and first day of school

Today was the first day back to school for Adam and Emma and Seth's first day of school all together. Adam is now in 2nd, Emma is in 1st and Seth is now in pre K. It is amazing how time flies by. It has been prety crazy but hey you just go with the flow right(: Now just getting all the kids to a new schedule is the fun part(: especially with the twins. Hope you are all doing great.

They all had a great day(:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last update for now(:

Ok I know feast or famine(: 3 blogs in one night(: Well this one is only a intro to my next blog. See I didnt forget about Josh's big 30 birthday. While he has been gone I have been plotting and planning a surprize birthday party for him down range in Iraq(: Well it was a hit and yes my dear wonderful husband had no idea(: I though he was going to kill me when it all came down but he loves me too much and had a great day(: Well because all of the pictures are in Iraq and well electronics are so reliable.....yeah right ....down there it seems like it is going to be a little while before I can give all the fun details and proof of what went by then I will do a time warp back to Josh's birthday(:
SO until then......have a super duper day and enjoy the other pictures of the family(:

More updates(:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA(: Emma is now 6 years old(: She had a lot of fun. We just did dinner and cake and presents at a frineds house as there has been sooooo much going on(: She had fun and so did we all. Later in the week we went to the Cameron Zoo to extend her birthday out.

These were handmade barbie clothes from a family in the ward.
Now for the Zoo(:
The whole gang sitting with the Kumodo Dragon.
The Orangatang. A new exhibit at the zoo. The kids had fun watching him go all over the place. This was the clearest picture I got.
Adam writing down all the animals we saw at the zoo to send to daddy(: while Emma and Seth check on the map where we are and where we are going next(:
Here Michael (in yellow) and Matthew(in blue) look on at the big giraffes.

Time to catch up

Before I do some catching up I owe you a picture of a broken window. It didnt turn out so good but you get the idea(:

I am going to catch up on some information and family pictures(:
Here is Josh and part of his legal team. Isnt he so handsome(:

In August we had some special visitors pass through to their new home...well where they were moving too not so much a home yet(: Mom, dad, and Hyrum came for a quick visit. it was a wonderful surprise for the kiddos(:
The kids had a blast(: Too bad we all live so far away, but it was wonderful to visit(:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Take nothing for granted

I know I need to update the blog but I am going to make a comment tonight anyways.
Never take anything for granted. Especially the ones you love so dear. I just got off the computer with the man of me dreams and reality and before he had to go to work in Iraq (we were on was actually working tonight(: ) we were blessed to pray together. It just moved me sooo much. My heart is over flowing. Even though we are so far apart we are blessed to be able to pray together. Mind you this is our second time to be able to do this. I am truly greatful for the gospel in my/our lives and the eternal blessings we share together. Yes I miss him so much it hurts but I also know the Lord has a much bigger plan than we know and it is His work, and in His time that all things come to pass. For which I am truely greatful. May the Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones and rememeber dont ever take them or each day for granted(:

(picture taken April 2009)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh what a day(:

OK I only have a few minutes as usual, I know surprise surprise as I am sooo far behind on our BLOG(: Oh what fun it has been(: We have been busy playing and trying to stay out of trouble but that doest always work so well. Sorry to say I didn't take any pictures as safety was my first issue but I will get some later...I know not as good as right away but here is why. Who would have ever thought a sippy cup could be used as a projectile object???? OK OK I get it(: Well in completely frustration, I guess I wasn't there when it first happened, my dear sweet Matthew threw his sippy cup. Nothing unusual right? Well this time it was. Again sorry no pictures...yet. With such aim, and talent Matthew broke one of our living room windows(: Oh the joys never end(: SO I call to get it fixed and they wont be here till Tuesday afternoon to fix is military housing we will see if they actually fix it or just do a better cardboard taping job then I have done. I will add pictures later. I did such a great job I might send it to Josh(: hehehehehe OK a clue to that comment. The only tape I could find was my priority packing tape that I use for Josh's gift packages we send him over seas(: Oh I feel so safe right now in my I am waiting for the lightning to hit on that one(:
Oh well. I need to run for now but that is it for now. I need to do better to keep this site updated with so much always going on. Emma's birthday is on Monday and Josh's on Tuesday. More pictures in the near future(:
Gotta run for now it is now a new day and I need to get some sleep before the sun comes up and I missed my chance(: