Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh what a day(:

OK I only have a few minutes as usual, I know surprise surprise as I am sooo far behind on our BLOG(: Oh what fun it has been(: We have been busy playing and trying to stay out of trouble but that doest always work so well. Sorry to say I didn't take any pictures as safety was my first issue but I will get some later...I know not as good as right away but here is why. Who would have ever thought a sippy cup could be used as a projectile object???? OK OK I get it(: Well in completely frustration, I guess I wasn't there when it first happened, my dear sweet Matthew threw his sippy cup. Nothing unusual right? Well this time it was. Again sorry no pictures...yet. With such aim, and talent Matthew broke one of our living room windows(: Oh the joys never end(: SO I call to get it fixed and they wont be here till Tuesday afternoon to fix is military housing we will see if they actually fix it or just do a better cardboard taping job then I have done. I will add pictures later. I did such a great job I might send it to Josh(: hehehehehe OK a clue to that comment. The only tape I could find was my priority packing tape that I use for Josh's gift packages we send him over seas(: Oh I feel so safe right now in my I am waiting for the lightning to hit on that one(:
Oh well. I need to run for now but that is it for now. I need to do better to keep this site updated with so much always going on. Emma's birthday is on Monday and Josh's on Tuesday. More pictures in the near future(:
Gotta run for now it is now a new day and I need to get some sleep before the sun comes up and I missed my chance(:


lundgrenville said...

My sweet Lady!
Thinking of you today! You are often in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs