Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last update for now(:

Ok I know feast or famine(: 3 blogs in one night(: Well this one is only a intro to my next blog. See I didnt forget about Josh's big 30 birthday. While he has been gone I have been plotting and planning a surprize birthday party for him down range in Iraq(: Well it was a hit and yes my dear wonderful husband had no idea(: I though he was going to kill me when it all came down but he loves me too much and had a great day(: Well because all of the pictures are in Iraq and well electronics are so reliable.....yeah right ....down there it seems like it is going to be a little while before I can give all the fun details and proof of what went by then I will do a time warp back to Josh's birthday(:
SO until then......have a super duper day and enjoy the other pictures of the family(:


Angel Day said...

I haven't been on here since mom and dad came to through. I can't believe that Emma is 6 years old!!! and Josh is 30!!! Crazy!!! I thought that you giving Josh a surprise birthday party was such a sweet and wonderful idea. You are amazing Holly!!!!

Mama Smith said...

Oh...what a neat thing to do...I can hardly wait to see the PICTURES!!!! "30"!!!!!