Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh No Mommy(:

OK more of an embarrassment to myself but way too funny not to add to the BLOG since I add so many other things. While having our Friday family movie night, the twins ventured upstairs so I went after them. Well Seth and Emma followed behind me. Well I needed to get something out of my room which turned into 4 of our 5 kids in there too getting into whatever they magically can in the few minutes we were in there, longer cause I then couldn't get them out(: hehehe...OK so here it is...I keep the laundry baskets of clean clothes in our room when I don't get them all put away right away( for the twins are great at dumping them over and over again onto the floor) as I never seem to have enough time to wash fold and put away in the same day...OK besides the point but to explain why there was a basket of clothes in my room. OK so Michael throws something across the room as I hear Seth yell, " oh no mommy one of your boobie thingies" Oh my goodness I couldn't stop laughing, and then laughed even harder as I look up at 4 little faces looking back at me not understanding just how funny that was. I can still see it all happening in my mind in slow motion. Well I hope it put a smile on your face as it did mine(:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OK when is it enough?

Had to put another one of these in. I have so many people who of course "mean well" say you only have the twins home it must be so much easier.....sure much take two 2 year old boys who have enough energy to run a huge inferno that feeds off each other and then some (something that uses a lot of energy for a long time) let it loose and try to keep up with it, them... I was busy for only a few minutes and this is the result...which I will add took me almost an hours to clean up off the floor, wall, stove, fridge and then some(: SO much easier.....The proof...and I will add I don't just take the pictures to show evidence but to also calm me down before I do something to my sweet boys(: Did I mention it was over a dozen eggs, apples, oranges, lemons, and whatever else they can throw from the fridge before I can get to them....The pictures don't show the real damage but you get the idea(: Maybe(:

No pictures but today Mama Smith would love the smell of our house...after cleaning and washing the floors a few times it still smells like raspberry walnut salad dressing in our kitchen...yup a whole bottle and no where near a salad(: hehehehehe gotta laugh right or I might pop a vein or something....breath, breath, it will be OK, breath, this too shall pass......right(: Now I know I have made at least one persons day or maybe week(: I have been told that when this person has a bad day they pull up our blog, have a great laugh and then they don't feel so bad....laughter is the best medicine they say, so I guess we are good for someones health, maybe yours too(:

WOW October is here!

Where did the time go. I cant believe it is already October(: Well I loved General Conference from what I got to see and hear of it. What I did get there was a lot about love and family, missionary work, personal guidance and inspiration, being more and doing more then just what is expected of us, and of course so much more. I took notes and I cant wait to get the Ensign so I can further read and ponder and learn(:
Well, I did it. What you ask. Well Josh had wanted me to wait till he got home for R&R to cut Michael's and Matthew' long golden was sad when you can put their hair in pony tails...not to mention all the food those boys slick their hair with .... too gross, so after explaining to my wonderful husband with still so much time before he comes home for his little visit the boys hair needs to be cut.....well.....they don't look like little stinkers anymore, but like the big stinkers they have become(: Be nice, when it grows back some Josh will be cutting it like he likes it, high and tight with some on top....I had only 30-45 seconds each if I was lucky so I think I did a pretty good job.....remember they have very blond hair so there is some there(:

And of course all the boys now have the same hair was a little late so the twins were getting grouchy but you can sure tell they are all related(:

The Smith boys, "The Next Generation"

September update(:

A little late but better then never right(: Ok, here it is........I chopped off my hair(: And I love I will add some splash of color (: What do you think? (: