Sunday, October 4, 2009

OK when is it enough?

Had to put another one of these in. I have so many people who of course "mean well" say you only have the twins home it must be so much easier.....sure much take two 2 year old boys who have enough energy to run a huge inferno that feeds off each other and then some (something that uses a lot of energy for a long time) let it loose and try to keep up with it, them... I was busy for only a few minutes and this is the result...which I will add took me almost an hours to clean up off the floor, wall, stove, fridge and then some(: SO much easier.....The proof...and I will add I don't just take the pictures to show evidence but to also calm me down before I do something to my sweet boys(: Did I mention it was over a dozen eggs, apples, oranges, lemons, and whatever else they can throw from the fridge before I can get to them....The pictures don't show the real damage but you get the idea(: Maybe(:

No pictures but today Mama Smith would love the smell of our house...after cleaning and washing the floors a few times it still smells like raspberry walnut salad dressing in our kitchen...yup a whole bottle and no where near a salad(: hehehehehe gotta laugh right or I might pop a vein or something....breath, breath, it will be OK, breath, this too shall pass......right(: Now I know I have made at least one persons day or maybe week(: I have been told that when this person has a bad day they pull up our blog, have a great laugh and then they don't feel so bad....laughter is the best medicine they say, so I guess we are good for someones health, maybe yours too(:


Mama Smith said...

Well, all I can say is this...I have seen what these darling little twins can leave behind on there was a choice....yeah....the smell of "salad dressing" has my vote...(smile) SOMEDAY....all these little incidents....will bring "great laughs" at the table....(smile)I didn't in what YEAR these will be "memorable" to find HUMOR in it....(smile)

Angel Day said...

due to my mother inability to sign out of things, I lost what I was going to post....and because I typed it out, it no longer resides in my brain.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh Holly... hahaha... (cough) I mean, I'm so sorry!

Coop, Trish, and the kids said...

I think your boys have been teaching mine (or vice versa). I found about the same mess (other than there were a few eggs in the oven) in my house the other day.