Sunday, October 4, 2009

WOW October is here!

Where did the time go. I cant believe it is already October(: Well I loved General Conference from what I got to see and hear of it. What I did get there was a lot about love and family, missionary work, personal guidance and inspiration, being more and doing more then just what is expected of us, and of course so much more. I took notes and I cant wait to get the Ensign so I can further read and ponder and learn(:
Well, I did it. What you ask. Well Josh had wanted me to wait till he got home for R&R to cut Michael's and Matthew' long golden was sad when you can put their hair in pony tails...not to mention all the food those boys slick their hair with .... too gross, so after explaining to my wonderful husband with still so much time before he comes home for his little visit the boys hair needs to be cut.....well.....they don't look like little stinkers anymore, but like the big stinkers they have become(: Be nice, when it grows back some Josh will be cutting it like he likes it, high and tight with some on top....I had only 30-45 seconds each if I was lucky so I think I did a pretty good job.....remember they have very blond hair so there is some there(:

And of course all the boys now have the same hair was a little late so the twins were getting grouchy but you can sure tell they are all related(:

The Smith boys, "The Next Generation"


Mama Smith said...

With the can sure tell these boys are all BROTHERS!!!! smile.... I always hated cutting the boys' hair...when they were little....They all looked so adorable....with LONGER HAIR...Hyrum and Caleb had "curly" hair....LOVED IT!!!! (smile)Loved Josh and Abe with "longer hair"....They were SO CUTE!!!!!