Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 1: Palmyra NY - Day 1

Well we headed out Sunday July 10 early in the morning from Rosepine Louisiana and arrived Monday around 12:30 to sign in and wait for the rest of the family to arrive for the Strachan mini family reunion at the KOA in Canandaigua(Rochester NY). What can I was way too short and full of family, love, new and renewed relationships(: It was so great to see everyone and all the cousins together was so wonderful. I pray the next one wont take 14 years to come around(:

Here are some if the pictures with more to I took over 300 and I know there are hundreds more taken combined. I will add more if I get any from others cameras. Here are a few of mine. The family(:

Sean, Rachel, Mac, Seneca, Dee Strachan

Jack, Rob, Lesley, Luke, Christian Graham

Heather, Manuel Jr.(Dingo), Paloma, Manuel Sr. Herrera

Sorry this was the best one I had and the least blury(:
Michael, Adam, Seth. Josh, Timothy, Holly, Emma, Matthew Smith
point proven(: can you imagine how hard it is to get all of us looking at the same camera let alone all staying still long enough for a pictures(:

Mom and all the outlaws(: Rob, Dee, Mom, Manuel Sr.,Josh

Sean, Lesley, Mom(Gail), Heather, Holly

Eternal families(: thank goodness(: I know I love mine(: Miss you all already(:

To Be Continued......


Mama Smith said...

I think my greatest how much you and Heather look alike...It has been so long since I have seen her...that it was so neat to see how MUCH you two still LOOK ALIKE! Loved the pictures...and to see your family, again!