Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the examples of siblings(:

The examples of siblings can be the good the bad and the ugly. AS I have watched our growing kids with admiration and even at times awe it is amazing how they learn and grow from everything around it good or not so good. The twins being the babies are a little more noticable as they learn to say new words such as puppy, ball, and words only they and Father understand(: The kids are growing so fast. Michael has figured how to climb out of his bed, into everything else, over baby gates, dressers, tables etc right with Matthew in toe...oh the fun we have double time(: Even the "big" kids just seem so much bigger these days. It is pretty scary at times to think at how fast time is truely going by. Adam will be 7 in January. He acts..most of the time, beyond his years. I guess they all do at times but he truely does.
It is so funny as to what the twins are picking up from their older siblings. Michael is more like Seth and Matthew is more like Adam...their builds and somewhat personalities. M & M have learned to stick out their tongues thanks to Emma. Like that trait doesnt run in the family(: It was too funny this morning as we were having family prayer, the twins are so cute as they fold their arms as everyone else is suppose to, well Adam was still doing something and not standing still, Matthew swings one of his folded arms out at Adam and says "stop". That is his first time saying that word and what a time to use it. Needless to say I was amazed. Not only at the use of the word and it being spoken but that Matthew knew when it is time to pray we all need to stop what we are doing and be ready. I know I try to teach that but as any mother hopes that it is sinking in. Well for that split moment it was(:
I so pray that these dear sweet blessings that the Lord has blessed into our lives wont be messed up when I am done with them in my care. Nothing like being made so aware of ones weaknesses then to do your best, at least hopefully in raising and rearing them as they should go even if you yourself dont always 100% of the time, but that the Lord will compesate for all of that and that they will still grow up as HE would have them. They are so amazing and so different. I know that the Lord has great things for each one of our kids. I pray for guidance to be open to what I need to do to at least help in what I am to be doing.
I know that the Lord loves each one of us as we are His children.
May those who read this have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week and be mindful of those things we are truely thankful for. God Bless.


Mama Smith said...

These little "moments" are "treasured" moments, for sure...I can hardly see them all "in person" so that I can...get to know them and they can get to know me...Thank you for sharing such moments with us...Makes it a little easier...since I so want to "see" them "grow up"...and can not at this time...

Garvin Smith said...

Gee, I wonder where your children learned to stick out their tongue? Do they teach that in the Army?
I was always told to savor all these moments as soon they would be gone.
They are now pretty much gone for us, and we live these moments now through you.

Serene Designs said...

LOL, sounds like our prayer time too!
Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!