Friday, November 14, 2008

could it get any ......?

The boys are both teething and breaking in both eye teeth...oh the fun(: Well when I entered their bedroom this morning there was a sickening smell. "Do I really want to go in there?" I must. Well, Micheal was fine and happy to be awake and see what adventures he will get into today, but Matthew's adventures had already started. The poor little guy had been sick everywhere in his bed and he was soaked all over and then some with the poops. Poor little guy but guess who gets to clean it all up? Yup. SO bath time and disinfecting time..big time. Oh the day isnt even done. That was at 7am. Now at about 1:20ish after we got home from an appointment, Matthew who has been extra cuddly anyways, curls up in my arms. So I lay back a little so he can lay on me more comfortably. WRONG thing to do!!!!! I start feeling kinda warm and Matthew started to stink. I asked Matthew if he pooped.....he shakes his head "NO". Oh yeah. All over me. Oh the fun. So I change him, his clothes and get ready to go get changed myself when poor little guy just starts puking his little guts out all into my lap. I am so glad I could help. Well, I am now clean but we will see for how long. I cant wait till those teeth come in for good(:


Mama Smith said...

My heart goes out to you, Holly...It is hard enough when ONE BABY is "teething"...but, when you have a "double" dose of "teething"...well, you need an EXTRA gift of STRENGTH...and an EXTRA GIFT of...KNOWING...that they "need" YOU...and that ONLY YOU...can ease their discomfort...Father had confidence IN YOU...He knew that you have the "grit" to carry "those moments" that can be very trying...and "teething" can be..."one of those moments"...You are giving your best...that is all Father asks...Our SECRET WEAPON for TEETHING...was LIQUID CALCIUM...We added it to their bottle...It was our LIFE SAVER!!! Angel can attest to it...She sees such a difference with Nathan...TRY IT!!! We did it for ALL OUR CHILDREN...Growing up...they all had beautiful TEETH...(smile)

hjsmith said...

I will try that. We used it with the others we just dont have any right now and I will need to find somewhere that will have it. Yes double duty and double trouble(: For the good, the bad and the yucky(:
I hope you are all doing great. Miss you all. I will write again soon.

Garvin Smith said...

I was going to recomment the same thing, but, as usual, Mama beat me to the punch!

If liquid calcium doesn't eem to work, just add more!