Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet our triplets(:

Yes you read that right folks we have triplets(: and they are sooooo cute. On Monday while Josh was mowing the lawn he went over a nest of baby bunnies. Don't worry they were fine. We are feeding them with a dropper and pray they will grow healthy and strong. This morning they gave us a little scare. Josh quietly went in to see how they were doing and they were gone.... we have them in a towel lined laundry basket in our bathroom(: hehehe so here we are looking around for 3 little bunnies. We finally found them hiding by my dresser and one in my high heeled shoe (we think that one is a girl) hehehe All accounted for and safely back in the basket now with a lid(: We are going to get a cage for them. Here are a couple of pictures for now and we will add more later. The kids are so excited to finally have pets(: hehehe too cute!

1 2 3 all 3 little ones
SO to fit our growing family we have also had to add a bigger ride. Meet our MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle) Josh sold his little truck and now drives the mini van and I get the monster van(: Now there is a lot less fighting as the kids have a little more wiggle room(: Thank you(: So we now have room for when the baby comes next year.
SO much is going on in our lives and that includes all of the wonderful blessings the Lord constantly sends our way. Thank you Heavenly Father for everything.
May you all have a blessed day(:


Angel Day said...

Those bunnies are so very cute! I LOVED my rabbit! WHat are you going to name them? :) THe van is AWESOME! I love the name too :D

hjsmith said...

Josh asked me last night if I have already named the cuties. First I need to figure out what each one is(: Male or female. 2 eat great one doesnt and is very skittish. I will post their names when we can figure that out as a family. I could but I think it would only be fare for the kids to have a say in it too(:

Mama Smith said... goodness...Those little bunnies are as cute as can be! I so hope they will survive...They don't look too old!

LOVE YOUR VAN!!!!! I know what it was like when we got our 15 passenger van/bus...Made all the difference in the world for our family!!!!! (smile)

UnencumberedSpeech said...

we are going to call them: tiblet, tibit, and stew.

Rebekah Greenway said...

holy cow I can't believe you got a van like that! HAHAHA nice...

Mama Smith said... are as bad as your father!