Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh my insides must already be bruised

Boy it is such a huge surprise to me that no one else can feel this brute like I do. Oh my goodness I feel like my insides are already bruised and he is no where near the size he will be by the time he enters this world. He is not only a mover and shaker but a fighter too(: wow how did I forget how much having your insides used as boxing apparatus was just a tad painful and uncomfortable(: and the fun is just beginning....
I will say though how cute it is as the kids talk to me belly more and when they give me hugs their heads rest around my middle. Emma talks to the baby all the time and after kissing me goodnight and hugs are shared, as I stand up she holds my tummy to say goodnight to the baby.(:SO sweet. I know they are all excited to feel his banging around in there as I am too(: I will let you know the time that little miracle happens(:
What a wonderful miracle. Baby number 6 and I am still in awe and amazed at the miracle of babies(: What a joy, a blessing and of course learning experience(:
Enjoy all of your blessings(: Off to go take care of mine as they all of a sudden realize I am not meeting their instant demands(:
Have a super duper day!

But arent they so cute(: Yes I am pretty partial but what can I say(:


Mama Smith said...

Oh...these are GREAT pictures, Holly...The TWINS...look so "innocent" here! (smile)

Renee said...

Love the picture of the kids. Wow the boys are so handsome and I see why God provided you with all those boys. You are going to need them to protect Emma from all the boys that will be asking her out, she is beautiful. :)

hjsmith said...

Thank you Renee(: And yes mom in those pictures they do look innocent. It is a good thing I know the truth(: hehehe. I will add more soon as I get them down loaded from the camera. That include humbling myself and showing my ever huge belly too(:

Garvin Smith said...

I would raise my family all over again. I had so much fun! Yes, it was intense, but all I have if fond memories, and all our children turned out very well. Not my doing, but God's doing, but that's beside the point!