Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well I have kept you long enough in suspense and totally forgot to get back here till now(:
We are having a BOY(: We are all very excited(: He is measuring big which I am not surprised as we are prone to have big babies anyways(: so why stop now, right. The lady who did the ultra sound must think I am a nut with all my ooohhhhing and awing you would think I was a fisrt time mom. I think it helped that all the kids got to be in there to hear the heart beat and see that we were wrong in thinking we were having a girl and seeing that he was defiantly a boy(: I was nervous for Emma but she was just as happy as all the boys(: I guess we are meant to always be out numbered(:
We will keep you posted on anything we find out along the way(:
The other news I wanted to update on was about Emma. We still haven't heard back in regards to her surgery which will be happening we just don't know when. i will post when we finally find out, which I had hoped would be by now. Oh the joys of waiting(:
So needless to say we are all happy, healthy, and keeping very busy. Not too mention I feel like a huge house(: Oh the blessings of being pregnant(: Everyone thinks you can eat whatever you want and as much of it...I may look like it but oh so not so, Everything gives me such heart burn and not too such is extremely appealing....maybe if I could enjoy it more(:
Oh well, it is sooooo worth it.
Till next time.........(: God Bless(:

PS. I posted a clip from the church at the bottom of out Blog page. Please take a look. it made me cry, but really it doesnt take much these days to do that(: Parenting is the toughest but most worth it job there is(:


Jenny said...

You're AWESOME Holly!I guess I was dead wrong about the girl too... maybe she's just waiting until she knows she can be the last and THE baby of the home

hjsmith said...

Thank you Jenny for taking the time to come and see our blog and make a comment. I do appreciate it(:

Mama Smith said...

I will check on your blog more often...(smile) PROMISE!