Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wow time flies(:

Wow I cant believe we are at the door of October already(:
Well just some updates in our growing family. The kids are all keeping busy with homeschool. Yes that is right we are venturing down that path and hope to make it a lot smoother then it is at times now but we feel this is the path the Lord has put us on. Adam is doing grade 3-6 in his schooling, Emma is doing grades 2-3, Seth is doing grades K-1, and Michael and Matthew are having fun learning and exploring, not to mention Dora and Diego(:
Josh is very busy holding down 2 positions at work for now until after the November rotation then down to one which will be very nice to have him around hopefully a little more then we do now(:
As for me I am just trying to keep sane if that is even what you call it and keep up with everyone and all that is going on in our family and lives. Not to mention being so tired all the time with my ever growing body and baby(: I am 18.5 weeks right now and I have been feeling the baby for about 2 weeks now. More now of course then before. It is so amazing to feel this little miracle move around inside me, and I know it will only be more and more ahead(: I cant wait till the rest of the family can feel the baby move. It is so sweet when the kids walk past me and stop to hug me and say "Hi baby" Melts my heart(:
Other then all of the crazies going on life is truly a blessing. I am so grateful for all that the Lord blesses us with. And yes that includes the challenges and trials too (did I just say that out loud) I must be crazy(: I am grateful for our wonderful family and for all of the opportunities we have to learn and grow. Life is an adventure and it is up to us to how we enjoy it or not. I do struggle but hope to be enjoying the adventure more then anything else.
OK I think I am done my ramblings and hopefully some of it made sense(:
I will write again soon with an update next week after we find out some information to share...oh the suspense(: I hope that will bring you back to find out what the news must be. Until then......


Garvin Smith said...

Reading your blog just makes me smile. By the way, I felt your baby move also!

Angel Day said...

thanks for the up date Holly. Love hearing about the family. How's Emma doing?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I actually read this post a while ago but wanted to say congrats on the little guy and hope that you too will be feeling sweet relief soon!


hjsmith said...

Thank you for your comments(: I do appreciate them. it is sure nice to hear from you too Sarah as I dont usually(: Thank you. Congrats to you too(:
SO who is next(:

Mama Smith said...

Whose next? NOT ME! That's all I'm say'n....(smile)