Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ok July's update to this point(:

Here we go again. I know Josh left some pictures and they are great(: Go Josh(: Her are some more from the home front here in Texas. We went to a freinds house for the Fourth of July and had some fun, ate food, of course and saw some fireworks. It was truely a day to be grateful for our Freedom as we know it dosent come Free.

For a fun day we all went to a place called Wazoo. It is an indoor jumping place for the kids. There is also a little kids area with other cool toys to play with. They had a blast.
(Matthew-motorcycle, Michael-trees)
The kids and I are having a busy summer. For those who dont know I have gone back to school part time. I have my first finals this upcoming week...eeeeekkkkk. Breath, breath, it's not like labour(: Ok I am a little nervous. But it has been another growth experience that is for sure. Not like I am not busy enough holding down the fort with the five wild child(s).
Speaking of school. I will have three in school this August. Wow how the time flies. Adam will be going into grade 2, Emma grade 1, and Seth-man into Pre-K. I will keep you all posted(:
Did I ever mention how badly Emma wants a sister? Here is why I ask(:
But as for now it is time I must get going. Till next time I leave the feast after the famine(:


Mama Smith said...

Thanks, Holly...for posting these pictures...This way...Granny and Papa get to see how the children are doing as well....SEE a couple of weeks...Will let you know for sure WHEN...(smile)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I didn't know you wnt back to school!... Did I? Maybe the info got lost amongst the screaming of our children in the background during our last phone canversation. =)