Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2 of our family trip

Well I have been waiting for some pictures my camera didnt get so well but I will have to wait a tad bit we will just move on anyways with what I do have(: Hold on, there are a lot of pictures in this one.
Rachel with Timothy
Extended family the Nhiev family
Christmas in July-- The gang is all here--

Now off to the Book of Mormon printing shop, Smith farmhouse, Palmyra Temple, Sacred Grove and then the Hill Cumorah Pageant. A very fun filled day.

First edition of the Book of Mormon

Simply Beautiful.

from the bottom of the Hill Cumorah

at the top

Josh, Emma, Adam, Seth, Michael, Matthew and Holly(Timothy at the bottom with family)

getting ready for the pageant to begin

some of the pageant cast.

Heading to the promised land

Abinadi and King Noah

The Savior in America

This was so amazing and what an opportunity to share it together as a family.

Part 3 to come soon.


hjsmith said...

OK I tried...I cant seem to get rid of the big even traveled and moved on me....atleast there is a post(: I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment(:

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

How is it you seem to be able to always have your kids in matching t-shirts? Seriously, it's amazing!

hjsmith said...

Thanks Sarah but I promise it doesnt usually work. We didnt want to loose them so that was how they all agreed. Even Michael and Matthew rarely wear the matching clothes we get for them. Lately with the heat your lucky they even had clothes on(:

Mama Smith said...

I loved these pictures! Again...I was so SHOCKED at how much you and Heather look like! If she wasn't standing with her family...I would have thought it was YOU! LOVED the picture of YOUR MOTHER! She looks GREAT...I can only imagine what this meant to her...(well...I do KNOW what she was feeling...but, being a MOM...helps to understand...) (smile) I saved your other FAMILY my files...LOVED ALL OF THEM! ONE DAY...I will get to see this pageant...I saw the one at MANTI and LOVED IT!

Garvin Smith said...

WHAT! Do I detect a developing bald spot on the top of Josh's head????? I tracked down the genealogy 'cause it sure doesn't come from my side. It comes from Great Grampa Herb!