Monday, March 9, 2009

It has been awhile

Wow, I know it has been a while and I said I would keep up with this BLOG each week...OK I am repenting. Well what to tell from this past month??? The kids have grown and changing so much. I know again I owe lots of pictures. I promise before the end of this upcoming weekend I will have a bunch posted(: Josh was away for two weeks for trainging. When he got back we took the kids on a safari type ride here in Texas that you drive through and feed the animals from your car. We now have Mama Smith(Granny), Papa Garvin, and Uncle Hyrum here visiting till the 16th of March hanging out and having fun. We went to Sea World together and Adam and Emma got to ride theor first big rides. Josh and Hyrum talked me into going on the Great White.....I screamed so hard all that came out was air(: We had a blast. It is really nice having them here to strengthen family bonds all the around(: I will share more later in the week. For now I my bed is calling and I need to go answer it(: Till then have a super duper week(:


lundgrenville said...

Hey sweet girl!
It was so nice to talk with you last night. It was a much needed conversation.
You are my sister always!
I hope all is well with those 5 kiddos. They are precious!
Know that I think of you often.
Lets stay in touch better! Now that we both have blogs..there should be no excuses :)
Love you lots sista.