Sunday, March 29, 2009

Better late then never(:

I know it has been quite some time since I really posted anything here. Sorry to those who do read our blog. I will work better on posting more regularily, but I will be honest it will probably be in a month or so as Josh will be deploying at the end of April to Iraq and our family time will be focused on time together before he goes.
I just want to share that I know family is very imprtant. We all come from somewhere, no matter what ones family may be, or where you are. We are here to enjoy life together when life is shining and beautiful, and be there to build one another up when it is raining and storming. No one truely knows what anothers shoes are like even to try them on for a moment. Life is too short to be stuck in the mud no matter how you got there. We all have perspectives on life and see things differently. That doesnt mean there is only one way to see things unless you see things as the Lord sees things.
Ok I know as you can tell I have had a lot of things on my mind lately. I am not too sure if this post is making a lot of sense but I am putting it out there anyways.
I guess this has come about as I reflect on my family growing up, but more so as I reflect on my own family, and the memories we create together and the ones that will be a little differently shared in the year or so to come. I am truely grateful for my family and for the gospel being a firm foundation in our lives so that we are always firm even when it is hard and the storms are beating us down. I know my Lord and Savior will always be there no matter what. I am so grateful for Eternal Familes and that we can be together forever.
Always cherish one another and remember the good and worthwhile things and dont worry about the rest. Live and love each day as it is the last. I know that is taboo but if one does that there will be a lot less regrets and a lot more cherished memories.
OK I will stop being so deep. I am in a deep thinking mood right now like you couldnt tell. It is late and I am going to try to turn this mind and mood off and get some sleep.


Mama Smith said...

Yes, Holly...I can't think of anything more important...than...FAMILY...for it ties closely with our Heavenly Father and our ETERNAL FAMILY...(wow, just think of the REUNION we are all going to ENJOY, once we ARRIVE!!!) (smile) LOVE YOU!!!!