Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Week

Here are some pictures of our new home M+9 (move day plus 9 days). Still have a few boxes left to unpack and a fence to put up in the back yard, but getting there. Even had to go buy a riding lawn mower (Adam was not man enough to mow the acre lawn with a push lawnmower).

Master Bedroom - Holly's wall of elephants

Master Bedroom - Josh's wall of military service

Seth helping dad mow the lawn

Mowing continues (takes about a gallon of gas to mow the lawn)


Garage - able to construct work area


Living Room

Living Room

Living Room


Mama Smith said...

OH...Josh and Holly...Just got a chance to see your blog this morning! I am SO EXCITED over your NEW HOME...!!!! I bet you LOVE all the ROOM...and the YARD it perfect...for all your children to ROMP around in....VERY VERY HAPPY for ALL OF YOU! LOVE IT!!!!!

hjsmith said...

(: yes mom we are very excited(: our first home. We are busy working on the fence today. Will post some pics later(: Lots of room for the kiddos to romp and keep busy. we will be doing a garden at some point. Lots to still do.

Garvin Smith said...

A good looking house! Wood floors!
Ahh, the joys of home ownership. But what happened to the color of that John Deere mower? Josh, I thought I raised you better than that!

UnencumberedSpeech said...

Dad - $500 dollar difference changed the color (and that was for the cheapest John Deere)