Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial day and has taken a silent moment to remember the blessed freedom they have in this wonderful nation we live and the many lives that were sacrificed to keep us so blessed.

I am so grateful to have my HERO home after a long year apart. It has made our relationship stronger and more precious, my love for him has only grown. Our family has also closer all the way around. I love to hear the sweet words, "daddy...." .
At this time with all the love and joy I feel my heart is torn too. As an army wife you are torn with the love and wonderful blessing of having your hero home while others you know or may not know are without. My heart, love and gratitude is very deep for those who have sacrificed more. THANK YOU SO MUCH. What more can I truely say.

Thank you.


Mama Smith said...

I had written my thoughts earlier...and something went wrong...But, I wanted you to know...that we recognized and honored those who have sacrificed for our FREEDOM!!!

We PRAY for ALL those who are involved in defending TRUTH and desire to preserve our God-given rights...

Thank you BOTH...for your this country and to our Father...LOVE YOU and appreciate all your SACRIFICE!!!

hjsmith said...

Thank you mom. Love you and miss you.