Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day(:

Happy Mothers Day. The question is do you want to be this mother? I only have just a few pictures but a lifetime of stories which I wont take the time to share. For those of you who have a small idea of what I go through on a daily basis enjoy these pics. If isnt flooding floors, counters, toilets (backflash) The week before Josh left our downstairs toilet didnt work. It kept flooding all over the place. Low and behold a week later and a plumber in toe after 30 minutes snaking our toilet and then having to remove the toilet, ta da, two duplo legos and a bouncy ball(: yup. SO where did I leave off? Right toilets. If it can be destroyed it will. If it cant believe me our wonderfully creative kids will find a way(:
Well with the help of Seth, Michael, and Matthew we went through our kids books and got rid of a diaper box full (yes Sarah I use those for packing and getting rid of stuff too-smile). I am sure you would have done it differently then me but I really didnt have much of a choice. See for yourself(: Granny called just in time and had a good laugh as I went to calm down in my room and find my camera so I wouldnt kill my dear boys.(: Enjoy.

Yeah I know "I/we didnt do it"


Jenny said...

ha ha ha... Isn't it always a Happy Mother's Day?

Mama Smith said...

What's nice about having these when they grow up...and they start having children...YOU HAVE PROOF of their DEEDS...and can share them with YOUR GRANDCHILDREN!!!! (smile) What goes around...comes around...(smile) You have got to LOVE IT!!! (smile) In the meantime...hang in their little Mama...and take lots of pictures (smile)

GordoSafado said...

Remind me to beat my children into obedience! Oh wait..haha...have to get married first ;)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Suddenly I feel right at home! =)

Caleb said...

Happy Birthday to the two youngsters!